Goa is in Boom’s heart but it is impossible to do a teaser in 2014.

Boom will not be hosting a teaser in Goa in 2014. The reasons for this lies with both the limited spaces available in Goa for the event we would like to offer and especially with the fact that the Boom Team is fully focused in manifesting yet another unforgettable edition in the full moon of August in Portugal.

Boom is a psychedelic culture festival born from the Goa scene and inspired by the culture of freedom, expression, celebration and interculturalism that has been enjoyed in this state of India for various generations. After a dark age where local authorities repressed the Goa parties, for some years now they have become increasingly more liberal.

Because of this strong connection, a Boom teaser in Goa cannot limit itself to a club party with the best DJs. It has to be an experience of art and celebration, beauty and oneness.

Not being granted the possibility of a forest or a beach, the venues available for the Boom Teaser are clubs. In 2012 the Goa Teaser took place at the Blue Waves in Morjim but the venue was small for the amount of Boomers there and presently, the amount of concrete that was used for making it bigger kind of makes it less appealing. 

There are other clubs available but none of them cater for the space, proximity with nature away from concrete buildings and potential for hosting an event  where we can have a proper teaser for the Boom, with the best music, decoration and art exhibition.  

On the other hand, Boom is a long production that demands love, work and complete dedication. After a teaser in London and soon one in Israel, it is not Boom’s intention to make teasers everywhere as the Boom experience is to be lived fully at the main event in Portugal.

Our ambition to do a teaser in Goa remains alive and we hope we can have better conditions in 2015.