Art Installations

Art Installations

Art is the heart of Boom. It has the power to bring down invisible borders and defy physio-cultural divisions. A unifying force, it continues to takes a powerful stance at Boom.

Game-changing visionaries stir the senses with sculptures, kinetic works, paintings and video-mapped projections. Wandering through the venue is like entering a carefully arranged painting, where a leading-edge creation awaits behind every corner. Art is present, indeed, in all sorts of ways, allowing us to tap into the various means of maximising the sensorial experience. 

However, the aesthetic aspect is not the only goal that is sought. Art has the power to trigger all kinds of emotions and stimulate critical thought too. For this reason, many of the art installations at Boom have an educational aspect to them: they aim to stir self-reflection and put forward alternative views on life.

While we do have a physical space in the form of the Museum of Visionary Art to host a marvellous collection of paintings - the Boom venue itself is like an open air art gallery, so take your time to get lost in it. Some pieces you can interact with, others are there just for your viewing pleasure. Most of them will make you feel things, or think things, or both.

In any case, expect to be amazed.

If you'd like to suggest an Art Installation for Boom 2018, please fill out the application form HERE.