Close Act

Close Act

Curious creatures stick out their neck
A flock of blue heads bob above the crowd. The thud of flippers can be heard from afar. Big, bright eyes look around with curiosity. Scanning the public they suddenly spot you…
Quietly they advance, closer and closer. Slowly their heads stoop towards you with intense interest, then with one big sweep they release you from the grip of their gaze and move on to engage another spectator eyes.
While they carefully study individuals in the audience they tolerate a little petting and sometimes even eat from your hand. However when they have seen enough, without warning, they extend their heads high in the sky one again, beaks focused in one direction and they flip-flop away happily …
Close-Act Theatre brings strong visual street theatre in larger- than- life spectacles.
Previous shows such as Malaya and Pi-Leau and  the mobile acts have been performed at renowned international theatre festivals in e.g. Australia, Canada, Brazil, Egypt,Marokko, Taiwan, Colombia, Korea, India, Middle East, USA and throughout Europe.
The shows combine theatre, stilts, music, fire, dance, metal constructions and aerial objects and are always staged amongst the audience.