A tribal music ambient where as you go in you feel a growing presence that is getting nearer. In the Journey there’s a guide in the air and the earth, within and outside the person that goes on this trip of centuries. The music is free like the corporal adaptation that is scene. Climax of the journey where the material and immaterial get in the same tune and everything is possible. There will be a fusion of body, space and object manipulation with music that transcends the being.

“Body Poetry”
One male ruff being is alone, trapped and anxious for he’s love he’s warmth in the dark nights but as much as he tries to grasp life with all that he is he succumbs alone.. Another form, a feminine one show’s her grace of salvation and light movements to create hope and make known why the prior despair. At last … They unite and together bit by bit they’ll become one, with love.

“Ring Lecturing Ring a Ding”
 I found a very profound connection with my rings and with the object itself. So I want to talk with people about that and what it gave me. It’s not a workshop, it’s more like a personal lecture about “How to relate with an object”. My case the rings and a few more examples. I’ll try to show the many different dynamics and forms we can see an object with our eyes and experience with our body.

“Tail’a Ring”
1 Ring – The body assumes the ring as an extension of itself and dances with it.
2 Rings – The ring finds the other ring and the body complements the symmetric energy by uniting and separating the object.
3 Rings – “1+2=3” It’s the mathematical jew law of life. It’s not juggling or manipulation, but everything!
4 Rings – An extra challenge in a “game” of forms and dynamics breaking the limits of human extension between the body and the object. 
5 Rings – As many as limbs and they all assist in this shot to reach heaven and beyond. It’s not just manipulation or juggling technique but the demonstration of a fragment of the soul of a man, like so, clear as water.

In a world of darkness there’s some natural light beings that show us the beauty of the dark. I'm with my Lumi Rings around the dark parts of the forest and I’ll surprise a few.