Spectral Q and Dancing Without Borders co-create a unique mix of human installation, performance prayer, and aerial photography bringing together communities to create large-scale awakening messages for the common good. Focusing on themes of consciousness raising, social justice, ecological balance and democracy, the duo strive to liberate the spirit and inspire a sense of oneness by engaging 1000s of people across generations and cultures though sound, movement and prayer, turning the earth into a canvas.  

1000s of bodies wanted for planetary activation!

Join Boomers from 152 countries
in voice, body and movement
for a historical moment in time.
Together we’ll send a prayer
in the shape of a giant Goddess
filmed from the sky and spread virally.

The intention behind this project is to send a calling to ‘Indigenae’, the spirit of the indigenous feminine, through the creation of a massive group ritual! Participants will be guided through a giant labyrinth forming a living installation, in the shape of the Goddess, which will be filmed from the sky. The intention is to create a unified field among the many cultures present at Boom by sending an ecstatic prayer in honor of the Great Mother’s infinite love for all humankind.
WHEN? August 8th at 6 pm.
WHERE? Look for the cherry picker (crane machine) between Central Plaza and Chill Out Gardens on the beach area.

If you wish to participate please check the Dharma Dragon for further instructions!

The ritual will be preceded by a workshop for all those who wish to help facilitate it!
Community Aerial Art Ritual: Join Team of Activators!  
Drummers, sound healers, artists, dance and ritual lovers! You're invited to support the creation of a large scale Aerial Human Art Ritual that will take place on Aug. 8 at 7pm. The ritual will be filmed from the sky and activate 1000s through sound, movement and prayer. Bring your creative gifts to help make the ritual an unbelievable experience of consciousness rising! Opened to everyone. The workshop will weave the support team together and guide you in the role that best suits your gifts.

WHEN? On Friday August 7th, 10am-12am.  
WHERE?  Meeting point: in the gardens in front of Liminal Village at 10:00 am.
At 10:15am we’ll head to the Aerial Art site (beach area) between the Central plaza and Chill Out Gardens to co-create.  


Magalie Bonneau-Marcil is a dance facilitator, a social artist, ritualist, producer and a community weaver. She love to turn the earth into canvas for embodied rituals, bringing thousands of us together to rise for a new earth culture from South Africa to Rio, Europe and California. Her vehicle: Dancing Without Borders, a project she founded in 2011 from her home in San Francisco.
John Quigley is an internationally known Artist, Producer, and Activist. As founder of Spectral Q his unique mix of human installation and aerial photography brings together communities to create large-scale messages for the common good. He has created more than 200 Aerial Art images involving over 200,000 people on 7 continents. His body of work has been profiled in hundreds of media outlets around the world.