Eco Lettter to the Boomers - Carta aos Boomers 2016 - Versão Portuguesa Lettre À Tous Les Boomers 2016 - Version Française Letter to the Boomers 2016 - English Version Muito Obrigado! Thank You! Merci! - Thank You Letter to the Boomers in English, Portuguese and French. Boom Festival 2016 – Diaries – Day 6 - All good things come to an end, and Boom is no exception. Alas, today was the last day of this beautiful gathering. Boom Festival 2016 – Diaries – Day 5 - The fifth day of Boom Festival was the day of Father Sky. Boom Festival 2016 – Diaries – Day 4 - Day 4 , the day of shamanism. A different, captivating, almost mystical vibe has taken control over the whole festival. Boom Festival 2016 – Diaries – Day 3 - As the days go by and party goes on, Boomers feel the desire - and the need - to recharge their bodies and spirits. Boom Festival 2016 – Diaries – Day 2 - It is always a pleasure to see how people can adapt their routine in so little time. Uma Mensagem Sobre Dois Boomers - O Boom é um festival onde o cuidado com o próximo é um dos seus pilares. Boom Festival 2016 – Diaries – Day 1 - Day 1 was celebrated with the opening of the Being Fields activities and lectures at the Liminal Village. We were around and managed to get a glimpse of how it went. Boom Festival 2016 – Diaries – Day 0 - The Boom Effect: The program hasn’t started yet, but the vibe is strong already. Two perspectives on this phenomenon. COMING TO BOOM - PRACTICAL INFORMATION PROGRAM & LINE-UP - Today we share with you the PROGRAM of the music areas and Liminal Village at Boom Festival 2016. We hope you enjoy browsing through it HOW TO ACCESS YOUR E-TICKETS - Want to download your e-ticket for Boom 2016? Here's a step-by-step guide ! Boom By Bike FAQ - Coming to Boom the most eco-friendly and most adventurous way, by bicycle? Here's the answers to some frequently asked questions. Coming to Boom with your kids? - Please check out this general advice for parents! 3 Little Owls Returned To Mother Nature - This is what the Boom Karuna Project looks like in practice. 550 Steps Towards Reforestation of Boomland - Being a ‘green festival’ means a lot of things. Among them are 550 trees we've planted during the past months. A Barrier-Free Boom Festival - Just because you have impaired physical abilities you don't have a reason not to join us on the visionary journey that is Boom Festival. BOOM 2016 APP AVAILABLE - Plenty of interactive information about the Boom 2016 program. Thank You For Your Application Form - We got thousands of application forms, we selected several but it's impossible to invite everyone. Reissue Of Returned Tickets - Info on Reissue of Returned tickets in English, Portuguese, French, Spanish and German. The ABC Guide For Kids at Boom Festival 2016 - Find everything about the new kids area at Boom Festival Boom By Bike Initiative - Boom By Bike Initiative evolved Into new dimensions Sustainability, the Psychedelic Experience And Shamanism - Shamanism is a calling, a calling from the Earth to the people in the four directions to strengthen their connection to Mother Earth. About Line Up Announcements - The full line-up for Boom will be released few weeks before the festival. // O Programa do Boom será anunciado algumas semanas antes do festival. End of Application Forms - Info in English and Portuguese. The Natural and Cultural Setting of Boom - Multiculturalism has a long history in the pristine surroundings of Boom Incorporate Permaculture Into Your Life - Take action, make change happen today. Practical Oneness at Boom - Family friendliness and accessibility are are the key to Oneness. The Art Of Living At Boom - How to adapt to the habitat of a parallel universe: A practical guide. Behind The Scenes: Into Forest Psytrance - Paving the road to uncharted territories of the Psy World Boom Broadcast: The Activists Behind The Scenes - Actually who is it that makes the Boom experience happen? Boom Broadcast: Alternative Models - At Boom our aim is to plant the seeds for change. However, the actual growth and evolution takes place in everyday life. Important Notice About Tickets - Info on tickets in English, Portuguese, French, Spanish and German. How Boom Can Be Life-Changing: An Example - What's a life-changing experience? A big question, isn’t it? Let's break it down to something more tangible. Smart Machines: Opportunity Or Danger? - With new technology comes new responsibility. The Vision of Boom is Growing... Quite Literally! - We got our hands dirty in December. Because we really mean it with the 'greener festival' thing. We planted hundreds of trees. Online Tickets Are Sold Out: Thank You! - It took only 34 days for your love and confidence, in the Boom Festival, to reach the end of the online ticket sale. Boom Radio: Tune in with the Recent History of Boom - The Boom Radio has recorded almost 10 years of the Boom Festival. Humanist Technology, Hacking & AI - We invite you to participate on an exciting day about AI, Hacking and Humanist Technology End of 2nd Phase Online Tickets - 1st and 2nd Phase Online Tickets Are Sold Out. Thank You for Your Support! Job Openings - Boom is about active co-creation, join the Boom Festival and be part of this transformational gathering! 1st Phase Tickets Are Sold Out. 2nd Phase Online Starts Immediately. - The 1st Phase online tickets are already sold out, in less than 48 hours! Boom Festival 2016 Tickets Launch - Tickets to Boom 2016 are now available. Snapshot of the Music Program - 1st November 2015 - Here's a preview of some of the music artists that will be performing at Boom. Our New Video Channel: Tune In Boom Broadcast - In a world increasily satured by media, there is the need of an independent source of information about psychedelic culture. Boomland Crowdfunding - In January 2016 starts the crowdfunding campaign for the acquisition of the Boomland Why Shamanism as Boom 2016 theme? - The practice comes from the depths of human history that arose 200 thousand years ago in Africa. Tickets Available in November - Boom tickets are available on the New Moon of 11th November 2015. The Art of Living at Boom - A practical guide about the Boom experience. Letter to the Normalizers - A manifesto anti Sustainable Events Standard ISO 20121 Boom Power Plants - Learn about some of the aquatic plants we use for our 100% biological water treatment system at Boom. What's New at Boom 2016 - Boom is famous for many things, one of them is reinvention! Boom Eco Awards - Boom Festival won several awards, acknowledging the efforts made so far to manifest an environmentally conscious festival culture. You are part of it. Japan is Guest Country - In 2016 the Guest Country is from Asia. Letter to the Boomers II (After Boom 2014) - Part II - Letter to the Boomers (Post Boom 2014) (Eco) Letter To The Boomers III (After Boom 2014) - (Eco) Letter To The Boomers III Letter to the Boomers I (After Boom 2014) - Letter to the Boomers I (Released After Boom 2014)