Eco Lettter to the Boomers - Carta aos Boomers 2016 - Versão Portuguesa Lettre À Tous Les Boomers 2016 - Version Française Letter to the Boomers 2016 - English Version Muito Obrigado! Thank You! Merci! - Thank You Letter to the Boomers in English, Portuguese and French. Boom Festival 2016 – Diaries – Day 6 - All good things come to an end, and Boom is no exception. Alas, today was the last day of this beautiful gathering. Boom Festival 2016 – Diaries – Day 5 - The fifth day of Boom Festival was the day of Father Sky. Boom Festival 2016 – Diaries – Day 4 - Day 4 , the day of shamanism. A different, captivating, almost mystical vibe has taken control over the whole festival. Boom Festival 2016 – Diaries – Day 3 - As the days go by and party goes on, Boomers feel the desire - and the need - to recharge their bodies and spirits. Boom Festival 2016 – Diaries – Day 2 - It is always a pleasure to see how people can adapt their routine in so little time. Uma Mensagem Sobre Dois Boomers - O Boom é um festival onde o cuidado com o próximo é um dos seus pilares. Boom Festival 2016 – Diaries – Day 1 - Day 1 was celebrated with the opening of the Being Fields activities and lectures at the Liminal Village. We were around and managed to get a glimpse of how it went. Boom Festival 2016 – Diaries – Day 0 - The Boom Effect: The program hasn’t started yet, but the vibe is strong already. Two perspectives on this phenomenon. HOW TO ACCESS YOUR E-TICKETS - Want to download your e-ticket for Boom 2016? Here's a step-by-step guide ! COMING TO BOOM - PRACTICAL INFORMATION PROGRAM & LINE-UP - Today we share with you the PROGRAM of the music areas and Liminal Village at Boom Festival 2016. We hope you enjoy browsing through it Boom By Bike FAQ - Coming to Boom the most eco-friendly and most adventurous way, by bicycle? Here's the answers to some frequently asked questions. Coming to Boom with your kids? - Please check out this general advice for parents! 3 Little Owls Returned To Mother Nature - This is what the Boom Karuna Project looks like in practice. 550 Steps Towards Reforestation of Boomland - Being a ‘green festival’ means a lot of things. Among them are 550 trees we've planted during the past months. A Barrier-Free Boom Festival - Just because you have impaired physical abilities you don't have a reason not to join us on the visionary journey that is Boom Festival. BOOM 2016 APP AVAILABLE - Plenty of interactive information about the Boom 2016 program. Thank You For Your Application Form - We got thousands of application forms, we selected several but it's impossible to invite everyone. Reissue Of Returned Tickets - Info on Reissue of Returned tickets in English, Portuguese, French, Spanish and German. The ABC Guide For Kids at Boom Festival 2016 - Find everything about the new kids area at Boom Festival Boom By Bike Initiative - Boom By Bike Initiative evolved Into new dimensions Sustainability, the Psychedelic Experience And Shamanism - Shamanism is a calling, a calling from the Earth to the people in the four directions to strengthen their connection to Mother Earth. About Line Up Announcements - The full line-up for Boom will be released few weeks before the festival. // O Programa do Boom será anunciado algumas semanas antes do festival. End of Application Forms - Info in English and Portuguese. The Natural and Cultural Setting of Boom - Multiculturalism has a long history in the pristine surroundings of Boom Incorporate Permaculture Into Your Life - Take action, make change happen today. Practical Oneness at Boom - Family friendliness and accessibility are are the key to Oneness. The Art Of Living At Boom - How to adapt to the habitat of a parallel universe: A practical guide. Behind The Scenes: Into Forest Psytrance - Paving the road to uncharted territories of the Psy World Boom Broadcast: The Activists Behind The Scenes - Actually who is it that makes the Boom experience happen? Boom Broadcast: Alternative Models - At Boom our aim is to plant the seeds for change. However, the actual growth and evolution takes place in everyday life. Important Notice About Tickets - Info on tickets in English, Portuguese, French, Spanish and German. How Boom Can Be Life-Changing: An Example - What's a life-changing experience? A big question, isn’t it? Let's break it down to something more tangible. Smart Machines: Opportunity Or Danger? - With new technology comes new responsibility. The Vision of Boom is Growing... Quite Literally! - We got our hands dirty in December. Because we really mean it with the 'greener festival' thing. We planted hundreds of trees. Online Tickets Are Sold Out: Thank You! - It took only 34 days for your love and confidence, in the Boom Festival, to reach the end of the online ticket sale. Boom Radio: Tune in with the Recent History of Boom - The Boom Radio has recorded almost 10 years of the Boom Festival. Humanist Technology, Hacking & AI - We invite you to participate on an exciting day about AI, Hacking and Humanist Technology End of 2nd Phase Online Tickets - 1st and 2nd Phase Online Tickets Are Sold Out. Thank You for Your Support! Job Openings - Boom is about active co-creation, join the Boom Festival and be part of this transformational gathering! 1st Phase Tickets Are Sold Out. 2nd Phase Online Starts Immediately. - The 1st Phase online tickets are already sold out, in less than 48 hours! Boom Festival 2016 Tickets Launch - Tickets to Boom 2016 are now available. Snapshot of the Music Program - 1st November 2015 - Here's a preview of some of the music artists that will be performing at Boom. Our New Video Channel: Tune In Boom Broadcast - In a world increasily satured by media, there is the need of an independent source of information about psychedelic culture. Why Shamanism as Boom 2016 theme? - The practice comes from the depths of human history that arose 200 thousand years ago in Africa. Tickets Available in November - Boom tickets are available on the New Moon of 11th November 2015. Boomland Crowdfunding - In January 2016 starts the crowdfunding campaign for the acquisition of the Boomland Japan is Guest Country - In 2016 the Guest Country is from Asia. The Art of Living at Boom - A practical guide about the Boom experience. Letter to the Normalizers - A manifesto anti Sustainable Events Standard ISO 20121 Boom Power Plants - Learn about some of the aquatic plants we use for our 100% biological water treatment system at Boom. What's New at Boom 2016 - Boom is famous for many things, one of them is reinvention! Boom Eco Awards - Boom Festival won several awards, acknowledging the efforts made so far to manifest an environmentally conscious festival culture. You are part of it. Letter to the Boomers II (After Boom 2014) - Part II - Letter to the Boomers (Post Boom 2014) (Eco) Letter To The Boomers III (After Boom 2014) - (Eco) Letter To The Boomers III Letter to the Boomers I (After Boom 2014) - Letter to the Boomers I (Released After Boom 2014)