This is what the Boom Karuna Project looks like in practice.

Karuna: A word that feels smooth and gentle as it rolls over your tongue. If you know its meaning, it feels even better. In Sanskrit, Karuna describes an act of compassion, sympathy for others. All well and good, but there's nothing like the real thing, the actual practice of Karuna.

Which is what we did when we released three little owls here in Boomland last week. It was a truly heart-warming moment... they were extremely cute!

After being found injurned, our feathered friends were nursed at CERAS, an animal recovery center of Quercus in Castelo Branco, before we set them free and reintroduced them to their natural habitat. It's one of several social and ecological projects in the region which we promote with the revenues of our gathering through the Boom Karuna Project.

And because you as a Boomer actively contribute to the Karuna Project, as well, we would like to share with you the moment when the three little owls returned to Mother Nature.


CERAS Semana de 27 de Junho a 1 de Julho from Quercus on Vimeo.