Being a ‘green festival’ means a lot of things. Among them are 550 trees we've planted during the past months.

The beautiful thing about Boom's reforestation program is that it not only feels right, it also provides a multitude of advantages: Trees create shade which is extremely precious during the summer months. Boomers can hang their hammocks between them. They provide lodging options for our chirping, feathered friends.

And, hands down, they look pretty good, adding some beautiful dashes of green to the scenic landscape. They save Boomland from erosion. They create oxygen. You see, they are so incredibly useful that we actually have all reason to hug them every single day!

During the past months we planted more than 550 trees here in Boomland. Every single one had symbolic meaning, because every single one represents a step on our way towards a world that lives more in harmony with Mother Nature again. Here's a little video that documents the latest progress of our reforestation program.