We got thousands of application forms, we selected several but it's impossible to invite everyone.

Dear Artists,

The creative energy we have received over the last months with your application form is energising and inspirational.

Thousands of artists from around the world have shared their passion with us for music and painting, sculpture and performance art, along with some truly wonderful and crazy ideas.

The force of this creativity motivates us and this mighty resonance contains powerful transformational energy that’s directly expressed through the Arts. This is the essence of Boom Festival.

We see it as positive action already creating positive change. Your applications show how psychedelia is evolving into new realms and touching many generations.

This is why we wish to express a big Thank You! to all of you who took the time to submit an artistic application to Boom.

If you take a quick peek at the numbers below, you will quickly understand why it’s been an overwhelming experience for us.

We received well over 2800 applications from producers, DJs, bands, painters, deco artists, and performance crews. We really listened and read all the applicants material. So, it’s easy to imagine that this takes a long time and then we are faced with a serious problem - We are spoilt for choice because the quality of your work is so incredibly high.

There were so many great projects amongst the applicants material, not only music but within the visual and performing arts as well, and to make the selection was a very difficult task.

We selected dozens of projects for our program from the application forms (that will be announced publicly through the Boom App and at the festival). If you look at the numbers below you’ll see that it's impossible to invite everyone. If we didn’t select you, please don’t be discouraged. Your creative input has been extremely important to us, what you wrote, what you recorded on the demos and what you presented on the application forms has already been an inspiration for Boom 2016.

Once again Thank You! to everyone who submitted an artistic application. We hope to see you all at Boomland! Thanks for being a Boomer.

With Love and Gratitude,

Your Boom Team