Actually who is it that makes the Boom experience happen?

Boom is a carefully orchestrated, holistic experience designed to inspire positive change and evolution in many different ways. When you're in the middle of the dance floor, when you're participating a yoga session, or when you're just having a chat with your camping neighbours from the other side of the planet, you're ideally just there, right in that moment. This immersive experience is arguably the purest and best source of transformational energy.

But right now, one and a half years after the last Boom Festival and with still some months to go till the August full moon, you might ask yourself: Actually who is it that creates this experience? Who are those people who make this utopian world come true? Who are the The Activists Behind the Scenes? That's why we started a dedicated channel within the Boom Broadcast, a medium that provides you with information and inspiration by showing you the visions and efforts of those who keep the mighty cultural and spiritual energy of the scene flowing.

Become a part of this video channel yourself: The Boom Broadcast is an open stage for the global psychedelic community. Share your project and your visions, send your video to