The Boom Effect: The program hasn’t started yet, but the vibe is strong already. Two perspectives on this phenomenon.

[Dairy entry 1]

This is the day. We’ve been waiting for it for 2 years. This is the place. We’re in Boomland. This is us. We are Boomers from 154 countries. We are One.

The festival program hasn’t started yet, but no doubt: The vibe of Boom is growing strong already. Boomers have been here since last night. Some of them stayed in the pre­parks for days, some are just at the end of a long journey. Altogether it’s the euphoric shouts of two thirds of all 2016 Boomers that radiate into the orange warmth of this summer night.

On 10th August there was a Bike Velotron. More than a hundred cyclists arrived in an inspiring display of eco­friendly and adventurous travelling. With them arrived countless inspiring stories, photos and adventures that give us more inspiration for the final details of the festival.

The nesting habits of the Boomers are truly fascinating: They create colorful spiderwebs of fabrics and blankets, pitch their tents, campers, caravans, set up gigantic structures to provide precious shade, install lights, and all of a sudden we find ourself surrounded by friendly neighborhoods from all corners of the world, spotting points of reference so that we don’t get lost in this beautiful chaos. What used to be vast, open fields only one week ago, inhabited only by wildlife, has now become a seemingly endless pirate town.

Life came from the water, and water is the unifying element during this first day of Boom 2016. Gatherings of old and new friends and spontaneous parties can be witness all along the shore. Right behind a large shade sail by the lake, where most of the Boomers come to rest and get away from the burning hot sun, the colourful structure of the Alchemy Circle rises into the blue of the sky. Day 0 means sound checks on all the sound systems. Random samples of music attract Boomers like a dusty light bulb attracts moths.

All in all, people are getting comfortable, people are getting to know each other, people are immersing into this unique gathering just like they immerse into the glittering surface of the lake.

This is the time, this is the place. Be here, be now. Welcome home, dear Boomers!


[Diary Entry 2]

It is easy to find a word to describe day 0 at Boom 2016. That word is “enthusiasm”, a spontaneous and very powerful feeling of happiness emerging from the depth of the soul and finding its way out in a burst of euphoria.

Throughout the night people kept on pouring in, by foot, by caravan or getting off from the endless flow of Boom Bus from Lisbon, Madrid, Porto… and you could see them arriving, having to set up camp in the dark, a bit disoriented from the long journey, yet with an un-restrainable happiness on their faces! Because they know that when the sun comes up they will see that special place of the soul that is the Boom Land in all its glory…

It does not matter if you arrive for the first time or if you have been here many times, the beauty of the Boom Land stands out in all its power, and waking up here is such a blessing that it can overwhelm the senses… “I live in Tokyo, says Ai, a Japanese woman who got one of the 500 free tickets issued this year to Japan residents, as the guest country. “To be here surrounded with this kind of nature for me is so special, so magic! Much better than the pictures! It’s my first time here, but I want to come again and again!” She says laughing in her pink Japanese school-girl uniform.

Since the morning and during the whole day the beach seems to be the favoured spot. Here the Boomers that will co-create together the 2016 edition of Boom, enjoy a glorious day, landing, swimming, chilling, getting to know each other, meeting up with old and new friends, sharing stories from old editions… and with the glory of the Boom Land as the background everything becomes so stunning, that the difficulties of the journey, waiting in the queues, or walking for many kilometres like Camilo from Mallorca that walked from Alcafozes under the sun, it all turns into epic adventures, the harder the better! And it is this happiness that erupts in powerful cheering waves that go through the whole land, uniting those on the beach with those in the camping with those eating in Central Plaza: We are all here, and Boom is about to start!

In the meantime many people stroll around the whole site, discovering the dance floors and other structures that from tomorrow will come alive with an amazing program. The need to share the experience with those who are not here is irresistible and social media soon get flooded with the first pictures of Boom 2016. Besides the magnificence of the big structures, the care and the love that goes in every detail of every garden, every sculpture, every sitting area, every light, fills the heart of the people with more awe and there goes another wave of cheering enthusiasm!

The program starts in the Liminal Village with the projection of the Boom 2004 documentary to remember that this year we celebrate the 20th anniversary and honour each past edition as a fundamental step in Boom’s evolution. The opening of the program goes on in the Chill Out with the world music soundscapes of Ricardo and Alejandro, a duo from Spain and Portugal skillfully weaving the sounds of hang, jaw harp, flute, Turkish drums and percussions in a crescendo that makes the crowd rise and here goes another wave of cheering enthusiasm going up the tilted bamboo tower into the open starry sky! Tomorrow will be another perfect day at the Boom Land.