Day 1 was celebrated with the opening of the Being Fields activities and lectures at the Liminal Village. We were around and managed to get a glimpse of how it went.

On the 12th August, at 8am, the Puja welcomed Ivan Amaral, who teaches Vinyasa Yoga. Here, all the Boomers were sharing the same flow, listening to the careful and precise instructions, peacefully conducted by Ivan. He encouraged everyone to follow their own pace, and to go deeper into the exercise only if one was feeling comfortable enough with the present position. In Yoga, as in life, balance is key.

Ivan loved this first class, and felt that everyone was tuned in with the music and the sounds that were played during the session.

Nevertheless, he could notice that even those who were obviously more experienced were challenged by new and different positions. As fire flow of Vinyasa is a strong, breathing exercises were particularly intense. Even though the class began with few Boomers, by the end of it the number of participants had doubled, some of them sitting outside of the Puja, almost all the way to the Lake.

This was the most pleasant thing to witness: How all were so dedicated, coming into this wonderful togetherness and general relaxation. The satisfaction of every Boomer was palpable. This marks only the beginning of our journey round Yoga practicing. Many more sessions are available for all, with an increase in difficulty for those who wish to deepen their abilities, but manageable to even the most inexperienced, nonetheless.

The highlight of the day was the Honoring the Being Ceremony, which took place in the Being Fields, by the lake. It all started with a spontaneous water blessing. Then some Shamans came forward to pay their respects to Mother Earth, remember us of our place in the world, and honor our ancestors.

To be a Boomer is also to join the spirit and the land, to respect the Dream of the creator, to dissolve boundaries and let go of fear. We all praised the different people of the world, thanking them for their contribution, appreciating the tasks they were assigned. The message of the Shamans was one of love and oneness, one of consciousness towards the fundamentals of life. The Boomers attentively listened to the prayers, and cheered with all their hearts, putting their hands up, clapping, howling, putting all of their energy into this magnificent celebration. The Shamans also acknowledged the Boomland as a place of health and well­being, a place that invites all of us to grow together and get inspired for our day­to­day life. Some dancing took place, chanting, playing of various instruments, everyone hand­in­hand with each other, feeling the connection and the stream of energy flowing through the enormous crowd.


Afterwards, we all walked towards the place where the Fire would be lit. A massive procession to witness the power of the fire element. Each shaman brought a piece of wood representing a sacred tree from their country, put it here into the pit, and for one hour we all stood in the sun, eagerly waiting for the flame, stimulated by the heat and our chanting: “ Ta...ta...ta... It means fire! Sing with me” said one of the shamans. And we all did. We all chanted until the big flame rose up and the ceremony was complete.

The Opening Ceremony at Dance Temple

What's the connection between ancient shamanic practice and visionary festivals? This is the question we want to explore at this edition of Boom. One answer was given during the colorful opening ceremony at the Dance Temple: Rhythm as a medium for mind­expansion and spiritual transition. Wisdom keepers from all continents offered their prayers for our gathering, accompanied by ritualist drumming. It was mesmerizing to experience the energy that was build by the repetitive words and sounds, it really felt like a heartbeat pumping blood through the living entity that is our gathering. Boomers reacted as if they and dance floor were an extension of the drum membrane. The ceremony channelled this energy on a visible and an invisible level towards the first concert here at Boom that used the sacred sound of the didgeridoo and more drums to drive the crowd into a state of collective euphoria. First night at Dance Temple is very special, to say the least. The energy among the people on the dance floor feels almost like some kind of electric discharge. A one of a kind experience that lead us through the soundscapes of veteran Psytrance producers and new talents.

The Liminal Village

At the Liminal Village we enjoy eda lecture on the Interdisciplinary view of Madness. Morethan a hundred people were present for this discussion about the relation between shamanism and psychology. The speakers shared their knowledge on modified states of consciousness, the way they are perceived in our society, in different places around the world. The talk was duly illustrated with numerous pictures of shamans, psychedelic drawings, and complemented by a lively sense of humour. We learned how psychedelic substances could be the key to unfold the mysteries of the mind, how alternative medicine and a shamanic approach can close the loopholes of modern psychiatry. Also, the cultural background should be taken into account when treating symptoms of what we consider as mental illness. Basically, biological and cultural dimensions are equally important regarding states of consciousness. Thus, labeling a modified state of consciousness immediately as a psychotic disease could bring devastating consequences to the patient in question ­ as the mind has a strong hold on the body, they could live their lives believing a wrongful diagnose, and never actually recover.

Madness is a controversial subject in our modern civilization. The tendency is to exclude those who suffer from psychotic breakdowns, alienating them from the rest of the community. In Shamanic culture, schizophrenic episodes are perceived as an experience of consciousness expansion which can be beneficial, and actually provides a positive integration into the community. This is why Kosmicare is more relevant every day. Kosmicare believes in finding a place for mental disorientation episodes, letting the experience unfold and explore alternative practices and paradigms to deal with this subject. This is why Boom Festival is proud of hosting a Kosmicare center, where all Boomers are free to seek any kind of help or guidance when needed