It is always a pleasure to see how people can adapt their routine in so little time.

Today was the second day of the festival and already you could see familiar faces at the Being Fields - the faces of those who wake up early in the morning to start their day with an energising class.

This time, we went to see Grounding Connection, an innovative method of reconnection with Mother Earth. It is a type of meditation where you sit on a pile of soil, covered in soil from the chest all the way to your feet . You are free to stay there as long as you like. Some people stay 10 minutes, other like to stay for one hour, and sometimes people even fall asleep. The feeling of dirt being poured over your naked body is immensely relaxing, and it does feel good to be so intimately in touch with the earth - a connection we underestimate way too much. Also, after the opening night and consecutive amazing DJ sets and live acts, it is revigorating to sit in a quiet place and to be with your thoughts, even if only for a few moments.  The technique was inspired on "Grounded", a documentary about electric energy and the human body, our relationship with the earth element and how it can affect our health. It seems as if our body truly needs to be in touch with soil to be healthy and functional. (

Guitar grooves and bass boost
A group of Boomers has gathered in front of the Empire of Love, their bodies swaying in the midnight moonlight to the sound of a guitar. In the background the mighty silhouette of the Dance Temple emits a cascade of rainbow colours, perfectly in sync with the wall of bass vibration that thunders from its majestic phalanx of speakers. It's moments like these when you really feel the musical diversity of Boom, a diversity that extends even beyond the soundscapes of the different music areas. The plonking of a guitar and the compelling boost of synthesized rhythms might appear to be a rather stark contrast – but here at Boom we can experience that they are just two sides of one coin. One moment you sit in that cosy grove known as the Sacred Fire, having dinner with friends, listening to easy Funk grooves, and just one hour later you find yourself immersed in the technoid, deeply hypnotic sea of sound of the Alchemy Circle. Just like with food, you might experience that the setting, the surroundings, are a very important factor for the experience. Boom provides the perfect opportunity to discover the joy of listening to music you wouldn't play at home. That's a take-away message right here: Be open-minded, take the detours, you don't always have to know who's playing next. Immerse yourself in the moment, give new music a chance... and you might discover a whole new world, not only sound-wise.

Resetting the Social World, this was the theme for today's Liminal Village program.
At 16:30PM, Noel Douglas came to share with us his insight on today's social, cultural and economical situation, opening his lecture with the controversial question: How are the 1% screwing everything up for us?

With an accessible language and keen sense of humor, he managed to get everyone's attention by mentioning relevant and contemporary issues the world has been dealing with for the past few years, related to the flaws in the capitalistic system and everything it originates: From deregulation, to privatization, individualism, depression, and so on. Among this "sick" society, some brave individuals have worked hard by themselves or with others to raise awareness and motivate the rest of society to take action. Culture jam is one of the keywords for this lecture, as Douglas would show us numerous photographs, videos and internet content to contextualize all of his points. He managed to tackle serious problems (refugee crises, poverty, critical political situations, climate disasters,etc.) without turning the lecture too gloomy.

His speech resonated profoundly with Boom's principles - in terms of environmental responsibility, defying the social norms, avoiding the abusive use of smartphones, getting more in touch with our human side, and most of all, remembering that we are all One people living on the same planet that must be taken care of, urgently. For this reason, we would like to highlight one particular quote from Douglas presentation: "Society Change, not Climate Change". We must take action and be ambitious, even when we do not know what the outcome will be. The lecture ended with a energetic round of applause and a fascinating dialogue between Boomers and the speaker, as many of them had questions to ask and gratefulness to express.

There was a very harmonic and peaceful vibe in the air during the afternoon of day 2, and nobody could imagine that it would end with two situations that reminded us about the cycles of life and death: Two Boomers suffered cardiac failures and passed away on the way to the hospital. Boom has its own hospital and support from Kosmicare, altogether there are 97 specialized health professionals that made everything to recover our dear Boomers. Boom has heartfelt sympathy for the spirits and families of these two beings who are no longer with us. Their memory will remain with us forever.