As the days go by and party goes on, Boomers feel the desire - and the need - to recharge their bodies and spirits.

You can see them resting under the trees, walking around the gardens, relaxing and preparing for next wave of good vibrations from the music stages.

And there’s a very special, very big set of these waves rolling into day 3 of our gathering. The evening of the 14th August is the moment for that certain band that doesn’t fit into the music program of Boom, but that fits perfectly into the music program of Boom. What’s that supposed to mean? Well, every edition there is one music group which is usually not associated with the Psytrance scene, but which stands for perfectly deep, mind-expanding and psychedelic music. In past years there have been the Japanese drum combo Gocoo or sitar player / singer Anoushka Shankar. This year it’s Baba Zula, a Turkish group with a musical and spiritual background so diverse and sophisticated that it perfectly represents the spirit of Boom - from a refreshing new angle, that is. Playing an ongoing, ever evolving song rather than a set of songs, the hypnotic sound of their electric saz, their oud and their dubby grooves creates a strong psychedelic resonance among Boomers.

Another, completely different example of highly psychedelic music from far beyond the borders of the Psytrance genre can be heard in the afternoon of the following day, when Australian DJ Uone delivers a wonderfully wild and dynamic melange of lavish House grooves, African chants, repetitive Techno beats, curandero singing, 60s Psych Rock, and even rapper Snoop Dogg. The explosive euphoria among the Boomers at Alchemy Circle is reason enough to extend his set for several hours.

Therapeutic lake practice
Lake practice is a novelty here at Boom. But as Boomers are always up for a challenge, and constantly looking for something new to try, something different to learn, lake practice workshops reach the maximum capacity of attendees every day. At a slow pace, the instructors take the Boomers by the hands and the feet, making them dance on the water. Then the same exercise is repeated amongst the attendees. Some smile and laugh, others take it more seriously. But everyone is concerned about each other’s well being : “Was it nice?” , “Did you like it?” , “How do you feel?”. The Boomers take interest in one another. Lake practice requires sympathy towards the other person, teamwork, and a gentle touch, all things they seem to be very comfortable with. All in all, it is a kind of class that definitely invigorates those who undertake it - a resting yet dynamic combination of human touch with movement in the water element.

This was the most alluring day at the Liminal Village for the psytrance lovers. The whole day was dedicated to Psytrance culture, as magazines, journalists, festival organizers and promoters, DJs and labels from all around the world gathered to invite the Boomers to the captivating world of Psytrance.

At the Kaleidoscopic DNA discussion panel, DJs reminisced the old school parties in Goa, explaining technical aspects, the inside business that goes on nowadays and the way it changed throughout the years. The atmosphere was light and joyful, and the speakers acted as if they were having a casual talk with their close friends - which is pretty accurate giving the circumstances. Also, at Psytrance Festivals and Around the World, various festival organizers reunited to answer the multitude of questions from the public. They addressed sensible issues - women in Psytrance culture, if and how Psytrance festivals could help the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, how to manage the number of festival goers, imposed restrictions, and so on. The Boomers present were able to challenge the speakers several times, which turned the discussion panel in a very productive and enlightening dialogue.