Day 4 , the day of shamanism. A different, captivating, almost mystical vibe has taken control over the whole festival.

As the full moon approaches, everyone’s sixth sense is waking up simultaneously and creating this incredible energy.

At Liminal Village we had the honor of receiving spiritual wisdom keepers from all around the world: Gabon, Brazil, Wales and Mexico. They all introduced themselves, one by one, and answered the Boomer’s questions to the best of their capacities, as to give us some insight on their specific culture and traditional ways. The female shaman from Gabon told us about her beginnings as a shaman, the calling she received, the way it came so naturally to her and her perspective on good and bad in humanity. All of this with the biggest smile, kindness and patience. The wise old male Shaman from Mexico told us about the prayers for rain, how our behavior as a species - mistreating Mother Earth - has made rainfall scarce in certain parts of the world. The vigorous shamanic figure from Wales tenaciously connected knowledge with power, illustrating his discourse with the genocide of Wales which deeply affected his ancestors. Finally, the young shaman from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil shared with us the value of family and ancient culture in his tribe. In the setting of the Liminal Village, with the cardboard structures surrounding us, and the bamboo wall holding the shamanic wooden masks around the stage, no one could take their eyes off of the prominent figures who stood there.

“Wisdom keepers” of a very different kind could be seen and heard at Sacred Fire. The Portuguese group Fogo Fogo paid homage to the unique rhythms of the Cape Verdean Islands. Located between Africa and America this archipelago served and still serves as an important  stopover for sailors. The result is a one-of-kind culture that merges influences from all the people of the world that meet here. This groovy representation of what Boom stands for was celebrated with uttermost euphoria on the dance floor. Another musical highlight at Sacred Fire was the set of Chancha Via Circuito. The Argentinian is frequently referred to as one of the most important pioneers of what is known as the Digital Cumbia movement or Nu LatAm sound: A mix of traditional South American melodies, ancient songs of the pre-hispanic continent and elements of Trip Hop, Bass Music and Electronica - always with a very deep and visionary vibe. Highly energetic DJ sets by Branco, member of the infamous Kuduro group Buraka Som Sistema, and long-year Boomer Selecta Alice provided more reasons for joyful escalations on the dance floor. A night that showed us in the most entertaining way how old musical wisdom can be used as a powerful inspiration for our modern times - a night to remember!