The fifth day of Boom Festival was the day of Father Sky.

At the Puja, various shamanic women gathered and invited us to sing along with them, freely and straight from our hearts. The space was filled with Boomers and the rhythm of the drums took us on a cosmic journey, as we sang for every element, closing our eyes and focusing on the prayers. The sound of all of our voices in unison was mesmerizing, everyone singing a different, unique tone, everyone giving their contribution to the ceremony.

“To Father Sky: Give us light and darkness”. Today the music program at Dance Temple was really in sync with this line from the Shamanic Wheel prayer. Day five was a transdimensional journey through all the different layers of what is commonly referred to as Psytrance: Nuky and Chris Rich took us on a trip to the twilight soundscapes of the night which turned out to be inhabited by alien sound entities. Lucas and Tristan shared with the dance floor light, uplifting groove homages to the solar power of the day. There were oldschool sounds from the scene pioneers X-Dream and Bumbling Loons that brought the legendary vibe of the palm-lined beaches of Goa straight into Boomland. And of course we could witness some of the newest developments in the Psytrance genre, as well. All these different music sets blended into each other with truly cosmic elegance and captivated even those Boomers who had been trance dancing for several days already. Altogether is was a very inspiring and intimate experience of how diverse the very core of today's Psytrance scene can be.

At Boom we care about regenerating our spirit and loving our soul and the souls of all living beings around us. However, we never forget that we live in the context of human evolution. This is why we held a special day about Humanist Technology, Hacking and Artificial Intelligence. Science is a noble and vital mission, worth all of our consideration and interest.

At Liminal Village we learned how the brain waves work, watching videos and photographs of brain activity and its frequency. Technology has become a part of us, we are living an unprecedented age of technological knowledge which can help us to expand our consciousness. The beauty of it is also the fact that we can express our brain activity through arts and media, for example, creating physically what we imagined in our minds. Superintelligence brings, however, a necessity of shifting our paradigms and adapting our ethics to the new reality. Instead of trying to stop Artificial Intelligence, we ought to grow with it and learn to use it for a good purpose.