All good things come to an end, and Boom is no exception. Alas, today was the last day of this beautiful gathering.

This morning at Being Fields the Puja held a Shamanic family constellation, where we honored the 4 directions. It seemed as if everything that we learned during Boom, both spiritually and physically, was once again recalled in this session. To the sound of the shamanic drum we cleared our mind, detached ourselves from all material things. To unlock our love, we opened up our hearts. We thanked the cosmos for the gift of life, and gained courage to look at the dark side of our soul, to relieve ourselves of our burdens and to confront our shadow. The shamanic woman leading the session also urged us to take the time to listen to our bodies and to be at peace with ourselves. Only in this way we can truly regenerate. Every Boomer was attentively listening to the prayer, trying to make the most out of this unique opportunity to give thanks to Mother Earth, Father Sky, and the spirits of the North, South, East and West - a delicate and humble way of concluding this dreamy week.

Music-wise we could feel that this was the last day of our gathering. Dance as if there is no tomorrow: This seemed to be the parole in all music areas.

The energy of the last night of Boom festival is different from that of the first night. People are very connected, the vibe of Oneness is very strong and noticeable. Boomers are tuned to the groove of our gathering, they are more relaxed and mellow. However, there is one thing that is very similar to the first night, and that is the energy. It’s peaking, it’s boiling, it’s explosive. Notable eruptions of this energy could be witnessed during the epic closing set of Atmos at Alchemy Circle and the surprise set of Atomizers, who closed the Dance Temple with a bang. It was kind of funny to see the reaction of some Boomers when the music finally stopped on the dance floors…What now? But soon they realized that it was not over, that there was yet more to be heard. As the last area cranking dance music, the Sacred Fire was packed with people and good vibes this night, it almost felt like another festival happening. And last but not least there were no beats at all: The closing set of Chill Out Gardens was a live performance of the timeless Ambient classic Rainbow Dome Musick from 1979… weightless pad sounds and immersive overtone cascades made the Boomers present drift away on a bright sea of sound.

The lectures at the Liminal Village were about permaculture and ecology, one of the most pressing matters nowadays, and the backbone of Boom Festival.

As such, one of the discussions was around energy resources, and more specifically the oil drilling problem here in Portugal. This is an issue Portuguese people are already quite familiar with, but foreigners not so much. This is why it was so important that we examine what is happening. Climate change is something to be taken seriously - we are entering a new era in history of mankind and it is not looking very favorable. The number 1 responsibles for CO2 emissions into the Ozone layer are the oil companies, who, in spite of knowing since the very beginning about the consequences of fossil fuel exploitation, keep denying the effects it has on our environnement. In Portugal, this is an extremely controversial issue and the population has been fighting the completion of the oil agreements for months and months. The speaker urged us all to join movements, manifestos and campaigns to battle this business, and save not only Portugal, but the whole planet. There is also an imperative need for us to use less energy, which is an important takeaway message for all Boomers. It was wonderful to see the sympathy everyone felt towards what is happening in this country, how passionate the Boomers were, and the encouragement given to the speakers was very moving. The planet belongs to all of us. Portugal, like the rest of the world, is facing an enormous challenge. Thank you Boomers for your love and support!

Another topic that was discussed was the food system of our society, and how sick it the entire food industry has become. The industrialization of agriculture optimized the value chain, but also made things harder for farmers and opened up the door for the use of toxic chemicals. This model is not sustainable, and this is why a project called CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) was created. It provides a fair and transparent model that is a good way of helping small communities to support themselves through local food production, and farmers to actually get 90% of the revenue. Virtual platforms were introduced in order to organize this project, which has spread through several European countries already. It not only empowers the local communities, as it also produces  high social value, and we end up having a much better food quality.