Letter to the Boomers I (Released After Boom 2014)

Dear Boomer

As days go by, we keep cleaning and dismantling all the magnificent structures that were built. We feel like those monks who create the Kalachakra mandalas, resonating with the invisible architecture of the cosmos, honoring the continuous flux of creation and destruction.

The amount of love and dedication that was manifested for more than a year by hundreds of people of the Boom Team is beyond words. Thanks to all the team members who designed, built and worked for Boom Festival 2014, the love you put in every single detail was felt by thousands of people. That is the subtle and deep power of intention in action…

The art that was created by countless artists brought us all to the next level of evolution, creating a world that still reverberates inside our hearts. Mind blowing temporary architecture, stunning art installations made of different media and materials were spread all over the Boom Land. Amazing and diverse psychedelic music played on four stages, while countless performers showed how the human body can be used as a powerful vehicle of expression. And a big thank you to all speakers, spiritual masters, therapists and workshop leaders who shared their knowledge, wisdom, mastery and passion with all of us, inspiring us towards a more evolved vision of ourselves and the world.

The Boomers… People from 151 countries gathered together to co-create an alternative reality. Is there a place where so many of us from so many remote places can meet up without the constraints of dominant culture in a reality rooted in art, peace, love and sustainability? What we lived together is much more than a neo-tribal gathering, it is already the living manifestation of a (new) world that transcend nationalities, backgrounds and cultural conditionings. Thank you Boomers, much gratitude for your endless support, thank you for making Boom what it is today! You are the festival and our inspiration.  

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

As the Moon phases follow their cosmic flow, our memories of the past Full Moon are a stream of pure bliss…


Ps: In the next newsletters we will let you know more about Boom Environmental Program results, the Boom Land challenges and crowdfunding, the Boom Be In Festival, Boom 2016 dates and countless other news from the Boom Festival. Stay tuned!