The Boom Radio has recorded almost 10 years of the Boom Festival.

Back in 2006, it all began as a pirate radio station. The Boom Radio broadcasted in FM, locally around the Boom site, synchronising Boomers with the lastest info from the Boom Festival edition. 2006 was known as the Bamboo edition, inspired by the temporary architecture that surrounded us - Bamboo buildings, Balinese style.

Straight after the 2006 edition we were obliged to shut the radio down and, comically (ironically?), we lost all of the files!

In 2008, the Boom Radio had less broadcasting power due to licensing but we managed to store and record so many nice moments including DJ sets and interviews, capturing what happened, as it happen, at Boom 2008. From here on, the role of Boom Radio transformed, archiving and recording what happened during all of the Boom editions: lectures, dj sets, live acts, interviews. 

In addition to recording memories and special moments, we developed two series of shows. In the psychedelic scene Boom was a pioneer on using its radio, inviting artists to record sets, and thus was born the Mindstream series. 

On the Road to Boom in 2014 we wanted to explore a new angle, the musical history of psychedelia with the project Kaleidoscopic Sounds. Krautrock, Jazz or Africa were some of the psychedelic strains of music we wanted to investigate and share with Boomers. 

The result was six episodes of enormous educational and musical value, an ode to the talent of many musicians who have sought to find new sounds, investigating the links between technology and emotional, mental, physical and body states.

Almost ten years have passed since the beginning of the Boom Radio, we invite you to celebrate the history of the Boom Festival through the invisible magic of Boom's Radio airwaves! 

Tune in to the Boom Radio HERE.