In January 2016 starts the crowdfunding campaign for the acquisition of the Boomland

At Boom we create a Free Cultural Space. A testing ground for alternative lifestyles in unison with Mother Nature. For almost 20 years we have witnessed that it’s not a fantasy - it’s a reality.

However, we are facing a danger: Boom doesn’t own its land, and its lease ends in September 2016. In order to keep Boom alive, and to find support for a project at Boomland, January 2016 marks the start of a crowdfunding campaign. The aim is to gather the funds to acquire Boomland, and to do so we need to collect € 1 Million from various donors.

The time has come to take our reality to the next level: Let’s create a Permanent Free Culture Zone where our ideals for a new world such as freedom, peace, arts, environmentalism, free culture and love can be expressed on a daily basis while keeping Boom alive on the same location. We want to use the land to organize events for conscious lifestyles on a yearly basis, to develop permaculture projects for the reforestation of the land and for educational purposes.

We want to develop a spiritual hub and save this paradise for the international community known as Boomers.

Stay tuned here on our website. The campaign will be run on a donation basis from January 2016 onwards, and feel free to contact us at

Thank You!