1st and 2nd Phase Online Tickets Are Sold Out. Thank You for Your Support!

2 phases in 13 days, 131 countries. Put in a nutshell, that has been the ticket sale for Boom Festival 2016 so far. Those numbers reflect how much energy and enthusiasm there is among Boomers all around the world – it's been amazing to feel this energy, and it still is... The Boom Team would like to thank for all your support for the coming Boom edition!

As the first and second quota of the online tickets are already sold, we are now entering the third phase online. Please keep in mind that phase 3 is the last phase of online tickets, if the enthusiasm of Boomers keeps at the same pace, we advise you to secure your ticket as soon as possible.

Altogether there's only 33.333 tickets for Boom 2016.


Apart from online tickets, there's also a limited number of Ambassador tickets. You can buy them at various shops all around the world. In the case of the Ambassadors, the dates for the beginning / end of the 2nd and 3rd phase of the ticket sale remain fixed. On December 10th we will publish a final list with all info on our website.

For all information about the ticket sale for Boom Festival 2016, please check the website HERE

To avoid issues we recommend NEVER buy Boom tickets from people, eBay, OLX or other sites EVER!!


We received some mails from Boomers who purchased a ticket online, but did not click the button to finish the process. If you are among these Boomers, and if you haven't received your ticket yet, please send us a mail to and attach your payment receipt. It might take some time as we got 2000 emails in the last week and we have 2 Boom team members working around the clock to give you support, but no worries –  you'll get your ticket!

Please Note: After payment with your credit card at the Redunicre page you have to click the button "Return to the Online Shop". If you don't press this button (to return to our website), you won't receive your eticket PDF.