In a world increasily satured by media, there is the need of an independent source of information about psychedelic culture.

The Boom Broadcast is a new video channel created by the Boom Fetsival to inform about psytrance and psychedelic culture as a whole. It features several videos independently produced by the Boom team and it is also a open source channel where everyone can submit their videos about psychedelic culture.

It is focused on several themes. On Alternative Models we look at some of the social, eco and spiritual projects that push mankind to the transition. On Activists Behind the Scenes we meet both artists in their studio or some teams that simply make things happen on the music and arts scenes. On Visual Arts we interview some artists that create visuals, graphic design, illustration, flyer art or video to expand the boundaries of the psychedelic axioms. On Psychedelic Science we're diving into the latest scientific findings or harm reduction projects that use the therapeutic use of psychedelia on legal contexts. Finally, on Psychedelic History we trace back the foundations of today's psy scenes across the world.

A larger number of people in the world today are somehow in contact with psychedelic culture than in any other moment in history. Not only the Psytrance scene became a worldwide phenomenon fueled by an exciting festival scene, it is also in several other music scenes (from Psych Rock to Bass Music), arts, design, web, sustainability, medicine, psychology or science that the culture has been expanding its effects.

Psychedelia is a culture and lifestyle with its own history, philosophy, art, visions, traditions, and message to the world. 

As far as Boom Festival goes, psychedelia for us is working towards a new consciousness. Education and sharing knowledge are roads to achieve it and this is why have been developing a new video project, the Boom Broadcast, to contribute to a more informed and resourceful scene.

The Boom Broadcast is dedicated to the paradigm-shifting potential of today's psychedelic scene. It's a medium to make change happen. Social projects, environmental education, reflections and background info on art, music and culture – those are just some ideas. An open stage for the psychedelic community and its creative, ecological, social and spiritual potential.

We Are One: Become a part of the Boom Broadcast yourself – submit your videos to

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