The 1st Phase online tickets are already sold out, in less than 48 hours!

As announced previously, the 2nd Phase online tickets will start immediately on the Boom website.

There are still 2nd and 3rd Phase tickets available for the Boom Festival 2016, which can be purchased both online and with the Boom Ambassadors. 2nd and 3rd Phase tickets are limited.            

The 2nd Phase online tickets start now. The other type of 2nd Phase tickets are not online and will be available on official Boom Ambassadors. The 2nd Phase Ambassador tickets starts on the 23rd February 2016.

The list of worldwide Boom Ambassadors will be published on the Boom website ( on the 10th December 2015.

We remind you that the Boom website and the Boom Ambassadors are the only official ticket points. NEVER get a ticket from non-official Ambassadors, ebay or other websites.

If you haven't received your eticket PDF yet, please write an email to and attach your payment receipt. The process can take a while but your information is on a database, please don’t worry, you will get your ticket.

There are already Boomers from 100 countries confirmed at Boom Festival 2016, which embodies the planetary culture we are building together.

The capacity of Boom 2016 is limited to 33.333 people, there are less tickets available compared with 2014. To increase your comfort there will be more restaurants, toilets, showers and various other public services than in 2014.

Please always remember that the Boom experience is also an experience of harmony with the Earth: take care of your garbage, please use biodegradable products in the festival, respect the lake and the natural environment, and have an open mind.  

Psychedelic culture is about creating a new awareness, and this is what we will be doing together during the auspicious full moon of August 2016!

We know that currently the world is moving on a fast pace but enjoy your time reading the Boom website to know all information about 2016:

2nd Phase online tickets start now. We can’t wait to be at the Boomland with you next year!

Thank You For Your Love.

Boom Team