Today we share with you the PROGRAM of the music areas and Liminal Village at Boom Festival 2016. We hope you enjoy browsing through it

We would like to use this opportunity for a moment to think about expectations and surprise, a moment to think about Oneness.

Boom is a highly collaborative project. It combines the creative, intellectual and spiritual energy of hundreds of people. Every single one of them is immensely important. However, the whole is more than its parts. Our gathering is a holistic experience, we want to reach a state of Oneness. The surprise factor is very important for this vision, as it is at the heart of every psychedelic experience. We also don’t resonate with the tendency to overfocus a festival experience on line-ups. These are two of the reasons why we decided not to make too many program announcements a few months ago.

You can download it HERE !
The full version will be available at the gates