We got our hands dirty in December. Because we really mean it with the 'greener festival' thing. We planted hundreds of trees.

And we're not done yet: It's only been the first cut of the spade for the recent reforestation project here in Boomland that will take place during the next years. Altogether we'll plant 500 trees before the August full moon rises.

Planting trees is an extremely satisfying thing to do. It's great to work toward the next edition of the festival, with more and more creative minds getting involved every day. But planting trees is different, it goes deeper - even though it's much simpler. It's about being in direct, intimate contact with Mother Nature. It's about creating life, about starting new circles. There's an intense feeling of being connected to Earth, of being grounded. At the end of the day you got your hands dirty, you're tired, but you're super relaxed and satisfied. It's almost like meditation – try it yourself!

Of course it has some very beautiful side effects - for Mother Nature and for us, the Boomers. More trees create more shade. Their roots keep the Earth in place and prevent soil erosion. They create oxygen and are essential to life. They are somewhat essential for the use of hammocks or to give birds their house. And last but not least they add a lush dab of green to the visual appearance of Boomland. May all beings be happy with the new trees!

However, even when planting trees we have to keep in mind the balance of Mother Nature. We've all heard about invasive animal species that caused great harm for certain habitats of this planet. Just like that, there's also plants that are suitable for a particular environment and plants that are harmful for this environment. Our recent reforestation project is done under permission of the Portuguese Environment Agency and based on the observations of various botanists, permaculture activists, environmental engineers, and environmentalists, to make sure the new trees are 'good neighbours' for the natives, the ancient Iberian/Portuguese holmoaks ("quercus ilex", or "azinheira" in Portuguese). The species that we planted are:

· Acer Monspessulanum

· Acer Pseudoplatanus

· Alnus Glutinosa

· Betula Pubescena

· Castanea Sativa

· Celtis Australis

· Fraxinus Angustifolia

· Juglans Regia

· Laurus Nobilis

· Oea Europaea Sylvestris

· Populus Alba

· Populus Nigra

· Prunus Avium

· Quercus Pyrenaica

· Sorbus Latifolia

· Ulmus Minor  

· Prunus Persica

· Ficus Carica 

· Citrus Reticulata

· Citrus Cinensis

· Punica Granatum

We like to refer to this conscious form of landscaping as intelligent eco design. The regeneration of the Boomland it's not exactly a new thing, as you might have noticed during earlier editions with the amount of new trees and gardens. For instance, you can read about the plant species and techniques we were using before the 2014 edition in this article.