Here's a preview of some of the music artists that will be performing at Boom.

Sound is the most powerful tool at Boom and it takes a carefully process to select the music for the four music stages at Boom. We listen a lot of music, we attend festivals, we read and listen the application forms and we hear many tips from several friends. The result is an exciting program of a wide scope of underground music that brings together new and upcoming artists with more established names. The music program is based on a concept that varies every edition.

We already received 240 application forms in less than one month, thanks so much! Some of the artists already selected have been choosen from the applications. 

The artists already confirmed on the 1st of November 2015 are: Ace Ventura (Special Boom Long Set - 3rd Flight), Aes Dana's Space Music Exploration (Special 4 Hour Set), Animato, Anyer Quantum, Anoebis, Archaic, Atmos, Arjuna, Avaris, Braincell, Bumbling Loons, Clearlight, Crossing Mind, Dickster, Drip Drop, Evil Oil Man, Fábio Leal, Florian MSK, Grub, Hutti Heitta, Iboga 20th Anniversary, James Monro (Long Set), Kalya Scintilla, Kaya Project Band, Kukangherita Sound System, Loud Band, Merkaba, Milivolt, Mirror System & Rainbow Dome Musick, Nargun, Nangijala, Nuky, Olive Tree Dance, Onion Brain, Onkel Dunkel, Perfect Stranger (Psy Techno set), Quantic Devices, Symbolic, Thatha, Tripswitch, Tweakers, Yestermorrow.

The music program evolves as naturally as the sound waves. Stay tuned!