Shamanism is a calling, a calling from the Earth to the people in the four directions to strengthen their connection to Mother Earth.

Next August we will meet again to celebrate consciousness and dance around shamanic visions.  Again we will gather in ecstatic trance with our family. Together we will dance, communicate with the earth and transcend our attachments.   Our gathering comes from a deep sense of unity , running in the counter current of the neoliberal endeavour that is trying to objectify, commoditise and marketise all aspects of human life. We will rebirth the value of public good, social harmony, peace, awe and wonder from our daily living.

Shamanism is a calling, a calling from the Earth to the people in the four directions to strengthen their connection to Mother Earth. Living the oneness and caring for it is at the very center of being. Each and every person, animal,  plant or rock has something to teach us. Shamanism asks that we understand and create our reality, and calls for action. We must change.  Our behaviour towards Mother Earth is defining the reality we find ourselves in. It is time for the rebirth of compassion. Time to call upon all the wayfinders, the difference makers, the edgewalkers, the system thinkers and the change makers to lead by example.

If we are to build paradise, the transformational psychedelic experience, as manifestation of the individual and collective minds cannot coexist with bad behaviour. As Terence McKeena once said “there are no experts and there is only the integrity of doing and having done”. As we advance in the discovery of the new world inside our minds we must detach from the conditioning of the corporate version of reality and guide our actions for the paradise we are constructing. There is no waste. Only the resources we chose to pick up on our mindless moments, leaving behind unused symbols of our fall. Concepts like waste, entertainment, scarcity and fear must give way to mindfulness, spirit  and love.

Now is the moment to end one thousand years of materialism. We must recycle our toys into food producing receptacles. We must build habitat, as we call on the consciousness of Boomers to create paradise. We offer you the possibility to dissolve the boundaries that separate you from the universe and experience the sense of unity with the human family and nature. We have all the tools to build Idunn. Now Boomland ‘owns us’.

Boom Festival Sustainability goes beyond clean water and good food, solar energy and recycling of waste or ecological toilets. We will take care of that and we trust in the potential of your consciousness to extend our design process manifesting human destiny. Collectively we can and we will achieve more than progressive numbers on a chart. We can heal the Earth, and in the process of healing, find the freedom from control and cultural conditioning. Together we will throw away corporate materialism and rebirth harmony.

NOTE: The word shaman has its roots in Manchu-Tungu (a sub-family of the Altaic language family) šamán, an ancient term from the lands of the Tungus, the area around Lake Baikal in Southern Siberia, the original home of Indigenous peoples such as the Evenki. The Sanskrit word sramana (referring to a monk; ascetic) and the Chinese term scha-men (meaning to know; monk) bear the imprint of Tungus origins. Many cultures have in their traditions the equivalent of the shaman, and while some cultures still honor the shaman role that helps their community to heal when it is in trouble many others have lost this connection. 

With Love, Gratitude and Deep Respect

Boom Team