Find everything about the new kids area at Boom Festival

When we talk about the future of our Planet, it should also be obvious that we are also talking about our children as well. They are the new generation with the ultimate potential to recreate an alternative society, one that can learn to live in harmony with Mother Nature once again.

This is why children have been an essential part of our gathering since the very start.

Boom is not just family-friendly, it wants to provide a meaningful and playful experience for everybody, including the youngest amongst us. This idea is put into practice throughout the festival, but especially in the dedicated children’s area known in 2016 as the Young Dragons (former Baby Boom or Bim Bam Boom).

Please check out our little ABC guide, if you are coming to Boom with your children:

Age Limit: The Young Dragons area program is aimed for 3–12 year olds, however younger teenagers are also welcome. Due to the heat and dust we do not recommend you bring children younger than 3 years old to the festival.

Amenities: Located in a calm area of the festival, the Young Dragons is situated between Sacred Fire and the Being Fields, this location provides plenty of shade and is provided with special adapted toilets.

Contribute: If you would like to share your knowledge, skills or passion an help improve the experience for families at Boom, please contact:

Ear Protection: Should be worn by all young children whenever they enter the music areas.

Entry fee: Children, 12 years or younger by the 9th August 2016 do not require a ticket. However they will need to be registered and your child will be associated with your ticket. Please provide emergency contact info. This may be used during Boom along with your signed agreement in case of emergency. You will need to provide a registration fee of 1 Euro (this is a symbolic amount to verify your I.D and to safeguard against fake registrations).

Camping: An exclusive campsite for families is not available because Boom is an actively inclusive festival. However, we would like to recommend to families with children to pitch their tents in the Low Noise Camping.

Festival Area: You will find many family-friendly spaces all over Boom.

Legal Age: Boomers younger than 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult family member or a legal guardian. To request our complete term of conditions and responsibility please contact:

Market Place: A special market within the Young Dragons area offers useful products for children, e.g. ear protectors, handmade toys, organic toiletries.

Program: Imagine Boom Festival as a whole… but tailored for kids from 3 to 12! Welcome to the Young Dragons area! There’s music, dance, arts, theatre, cinema, workshops, various playgrounds and plus plenty of activities and games to play. The Young Dragons area is opened daily from 9H - 21H.

Registration: Is required for all children at Boom, this is for comfort, organization and security.

Responsibility: Even though the Young Dragon’s area is designed for children, it is not a babysitting service or a place to dumb them. Each child must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of their stay.

Transportation: There is a special transportation service for families which will help you to move around.

Wristband: All children receive a special wristband with a identification number.

Young Dragons: Synonym for the youngest generation of Boomers and the area for kids at Boom 2016.

With Love and Gratitude,
Your Boom Team

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