How to adapt to the habitat of a parallel universe: A practical guide.

‘It's an utopian society... a global tribe meeting... a wormhole leading to a parallel universe.’ Statements like these have one thing in common: They imply that Boom is an experience very, very different from everyday life. That opens a huge realm of possibilities and inspiration. On the other hand, that means that you have to adapt to this new, utopian habitat. That’s why we came up with ‘The Art of Living at Boom – A Survival Guide for Boomers’, a booklet that provides you with essential information about how to plan your trip, what to keep in mind, and what to watch out for before, during and after Boom.


It starts with most basic of all factors: The natural environment. With people from more than 130 different countries attending, Boom is extremely international. While some might be used to the hot and dry summer climate of the Portuguese hinterland, others might experience it as a trip to an exotic planet. The Survival Guide for Boomers gives you tips how to enjoy a massive load of solar energy without getting fried.


‘Our freedom ends where the freedom of others begins’, as a popular saying goes. It touches upon a central issue of ethics that has been discussed by philosophers since ancient times. It's also a good summary for some basic rules you will find in ‘The Art of Living at Boom’, most of them concern the camping areas and car parks.

There's much more information: Special needs, children at Boom, communal kitchens, healthcare, where to go and what to do after Boom...