Boom tickets are available on the New Moon of 11th November 2015.

Here's some essential information for anybody who wants to experience Boom 2016

One Scene, Different Economic Realities

We are one. However, we come from different local scenes and different economic realities. Income levels differ from country to country, sometimes greatly. That's why we see it as our responsibility to be flexible with the ticket pricing. There will be Regular Price tickets and so-called Friendly Price tickets, for countries that are facing a harsher situation in terms of income. Friendly Price tickets are available only at the ambassadors in those countries – Find more details and a full listing on this site.

3 Phases, 1 Ongoing Ticket Sale

There will be 3 different phases – but PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: Once the ticket sales have started, they won't stop until all 33.333 tickets for Boom 2016 have been sold. Phase 1 begins on 11th November 2015, and as soon as the total quota of this phase has been sold, we will immediately begin phase 2, and after that phase 3. There are 11.111 tickets per phase.

Please remember: There is a limited number of tickets per phase. If tickets are sold out before the date of the end of the phase, the following phase begins immediately.  

33.333 Tickets

If all tickets have been sold, there will be none at the gates of Boom Festival. To limit the number to 33.333 has been a hard decision, as it means some Boomers can't make it to the festival – but we believe that it is quality that matters, not quantity.

You Are Funding Boom, You Deserve Gratitude

If we break up the full price into a daily estimate, the average price for 1 day at Boom Festival would lie between 14 and 20 Euros, depending on the phase of the ticket sales. What you get is more than just a mind-blowing festival experience. You are funding a project that goes far beyond the scope of music and dance. You are funding a free cultural space that is the test ground for an alternative world. You are funding independency from corporations and brands. You are funding freedom. For this, you deserve eternal gratitude!

If you want to know exactly how the money from the ticket sales is spent, please check out this page.