Boom is famous for many things, one of them is reinvention!

Every edition Boom have been on the hunt for the next surprises for you, here’s a list of what is new at Boom Festival 2016.

- Besides all major arts and culture areas, there is a new area dedicated to Dance. From ethnic to contemporary, body expression in all its forms will be explored during interactive sessions and shows on a daily basis.

- A new space dedicated to Eco Tech with a do-it-yourself and community based approach. Discover some of the innovations from citizens that are pushing mankind towards a more sustainable future.        

- A new NGO zone, where you can meet some of the organizations that are working for an alternative world.   

- A new garden with several mind-blowing installations of Interactive Digital Art 

- New food services and lounge area at Camping and Caravan Park B

- Your comfort is imperative for us, we’ll keep improving conditions for restaurants, toilets and showers.

- Tickets are limited. Contrary to dominant culture, Boom doesn’t believe in growth as a synonym of success.

And much more novelties! We can't wait to have you at Boomland!