The practice comes from the depths of human history that arose 200 thousand years ago in Africa.

Across the world we awake to an interconnected cosmos where the wisdom of Sacred Plants is Medicine, where the drum beat induces ecstatic trance states in order to connect with the spiritual dimensions of reality for the welfare of a community, where we acknowledge the light and darkness as meaningful energies for evolution. It is the most ancient cartography to the invisible realms, when Man and Nature lived in tune, connected to the elements...

Through this arcane practice we discover how some of the most ancient forms of human art express the relationship of humans with their environment resulting from a vision quest to the under, inner and outer worlds.

We are celebrating the reverence of our ancestors to their surroundings and the eternal wonderment of the infinite realities of the cosmos, dear Boomers in 2016 the Boom theme is SHAMANISM!

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