Why look elsewhere for brand new materials when Mother Nature has so much to offer? At Boom, we see potential in all that is around us, and we try our best to work in harmony with our natural surroundings. Most of what we build is made exclusively of organic materials, turning every structure into a unique work of art!

As “nearly a third of the world’s energy consumption and 36 percent of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are attributable to manufacturing industries” (data from 2014 on Green Tribology, Green Surface Engineering and Global Warming by  Ramnarayan Chattopadhyay), it only made sense for us to look for alternative ways of building. Our years of research and experimentation have shown very positive results: bioconstruction is viable, efficient, and beautiful!

Most of what you see at Boom is built literally from the ground up, with materials that we can find in nature, such as wood, stone, cane, willow, adobe, earth and roots, as well as recycled materials that we acquire from outside sources or from past Boom editions. By blending ancestral building techniques with permaculture technology, every engineer, artist, architect and designer is challenged to turn 1 structure into an art work.

This modus operandi satisfies not only our profound esteem for the land we build upon and  our commitment to an ethos that actively promotes conscious living, but also our continuous search for innovative and visionary art!

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