Boom Guide



Kosmicare is a safe place for grounding galactic energies and intense experiences.

“Those of us who work with Kosmicare believe the world is a shared responsibility of the community, where we must look out for and take care of each member, just like in tribal times. We believe the wellbeing of each individual is vital to the wellbeing of the whole.”

Substances are not legal in Portugal. However, due to the decriminalisation law, projects for risk minimisation and harm reduction such as Kosmicare are allowed. Kosmicare is a collaborative project conceived by Boom Festival, Universidade Católica do Porto and the governmental institution SICAD.

It has received outstanding support from American non-profit research organisation: the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (M.A.P.S). It is exclusive of Boom Festival and the Portuguese law context.

Kosmicare comprises:

  •  Advice on damage prevention
  •  Risk minimisation: information and support, healthcare, testing
  •  Harm reduction
  •  Support for difficult and intense experiences
  •  Facilitation work
  •  A team of 30 multilingual volunteers (these include psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health assistants and doctors)
  •  Kosmicare works in collaboration with the local hospital, fire and paramedic departments,
  •  It also works with internal and external security and regional harm-reduction teams.

Important: If you see anyone having a difficult experience, please help them by taking them to Kosmicare.


Substances are prevalent at most events across the world. Boom is responsible for taking care of Boomers.  

Onsite substance testing facilities aim to minimise the negative effects of substance abuse. Thanks to the authorisation of government institutions and the police, these are available at the Testing Stand, which is located near to the Dance Temple.

Warning: Do not ever use and abuse substances. By respecting your body and mind, you also respect your soul.


Please visit: to download the Manual of Psychedelic Support