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Special Needs

Special Needs

Boom is an inclusive festival and in 2018 - we want to offer even better conditions to people who live with disabilities.

With its intense heat and extreme conditions, it takes a warrior to survive the festival at the best of times. These are challenging conditions and they bring out the best in us as we face ourselves and learn something new about each other too. The personal and artistic reward of such a challenge is astonishing.

So as you know, Boom takes place in the midst of nature. We’ve made every effort possible to make it a comfortable experience for one and all. However, should you require any additional assistance or disabled access, then do please let us know how we can help by explaining your situation in an email to the address below.  


We have an amazing Special Needs Team. These guys are experienced and qualified to help you to settle in and feel at home. When you arrive they will: welcome you, assist with parking and accommodation, and direct you to some of the facilities you may require.


We want to make sure you get the best Boom experience ever. To ensure this, we have designed a number of facilities for people living with disabilities: 

  • A special camping area is located right next to the adapted showers and toilets

  • Some adapted toilets are also available near to the main areas with keys to access these at the bars. Please check the site map to see where these are located.

  • We have created a Special Needs reserved parking zone for your convenience

  • There will be someone available 24 hours a day to take care of any issues related to your needs

  • Look out for our INCLUSIVE SHUTTLE! This will be available to carry you around the festival during the day.

  • We have adapted certain facilities across the site to serve you better. These include: ramps, lower counters at the bars and wheelchair friendly showers.

  • There will also be a place for you to store your medication in a fridge.

If you require the use of any of these facilities, then please do let us know by emailing:

Note*: When you contact us with Special Needs requests, we send you a form to fill out with all the necessary information. However, if you only need a fridge to store your medication, you do not need to fill the form. Please go directly to the Boom Medical Service and you will be able to store it there.

Note**: Pregnant Boomers have priority when waiting in lines! When entering through the Main Gates on the opening day, please let the staff know you're here so we can assist you!

Thank you so much in advance for being here with us. Boom is magic for one and all. We are ONE!



I'm more than 60 years old, is there any special support for me?

If you happen to be a wise older dragon in your sixties and above, then please send an email with your details so we can accommodate you as best as we can. For health and safety reasons, it’s also important to let us know of any health conditions you are living with.
To register your details, please email us at:

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