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Cardboard Village

Cardboard Village

Welcome to the Cardboard Village at Boom Festival 2018!

The Cardboard Village offers you the most eco-friendly Cardboard Tents at Boom Festival.

It will be located on the normal campsite of Boom Festival, in a clearing near the Tipi Camp site, with toilets, showers and a communal kichen nearby. You will still be part of the festival campsite but have a more relaxed way of staying, no need to find a spot, pitch your tent and off course the benefit of less luggage. Make your Boom Festival experience complete and become part of the Cardboard Village!

There are two types of accommodation services: The Cardboard Tent and the Cardboard Tent plus Sleeping Kit.

If you have any doubts or inquiries regarding the Cardboard Village, please reach out to our team HERE


Cardboard Tent for 2 people

  • These are 2,4 x 1,5 mts tents, made of 100% cardboard.
  • They stay watertight during your entire stay.
  • They stay dark and cool in the morning so you can sleep longer
  • They have a double door which can be secured (or locked in an open position) and there is a ventilation hole in the back which can be opened for fresh air.
  • They are fixed to the ground.

OPTIONAL: These tents can be equipped with a sleeping kit for two people, which includes a foam air mattress and two comfortable sleeping bags

At the end of the event the Cardboard Tents will be collected, cut into cardboard pieces and used for packaging by a planting pots company.

Make sure to bring decorating materials to make your Cardboard Tent the most beautiful in the Village!


  • Cardboard Tent Number:

A week before Boom you will receive an email with all the information you need for your check in. You will receive a Cardboard Tent number (which is written on the Cardboard Tent), a map of the area with the Cardboard Village and Cardboard Tents on it and a phone number of the Cardboard Village Contact Person.

  • Check in & Reception:

At your arrival you will find the Cardboard Village Reception, where you can Check In. During the festival daytimes you will find a team available at the reception who will guide you to your Cardboard Tent. If you booked with a Sleeping Kit this will already be placed in the Cardboard Tent for you. If you have any questions someone at the reception is happy to help you.

  • Check out:

Since we have no deposit and we will make boxes out of the used Cardboard Tents we do not have a checkout. We do require the Cardboard Tent to be situated in the Cardboard Village when you leave. If we do find a Cardboard Tent outside of the Village it will have a number on it so we know from who it is ;).


  • Cardboard Tent: Any questions in regard to the cardboard tent, please email to this address HERE.
  • Foam Mattress: The foam mattress is a high density double mattress of 183x128x3 cm size.
  • Sleeping Bag: The sleeping bag is comfortable from temperatures of 5°C for men and 8°C for women. They are 230x80 cm.


***Note: When you reserve a Cardboard Tent, your contact information will be passed onto another entity (service provider), which is engaged with the new General Regulation of Data Protection.



Where can I purchase my cardboard tent?

You can purchase your cardboard tent at our online shop, HERE.

How many Cardboard Tents can I buy under one name?

You can buy up to 5 tents under the same order.

Are name changes or refunds allowed?


Can I use my Cardboard Tent ticket to enter the festival?

No. To enter the festival you need to have a Boom Festival ENTRANCE ticket. Please make sure you own a Boom ticket before purchasing a Cardboard tent.

Can I move my Cardboard Tent within the camping to my friends?

Yes, you can but the Cardboard Tent needs to be brought back to the Village when you leave. Before moving your tent, please make sure to notify a member of the staff at the reception.

Can you place my Cardboard Tent next to my friends in the Village?

Yes we can. Please email [email protected] directly after you have done your booking. A week before the event we cannot change this anymore.

I have booked a Cardboard Tent but I now also want a sleeping kit. Can I purchase this?

No, sleeping kits can only be sold together with tents on the online shop.

Can I rent the Cardboard Tent for a shorter stay?

No, it is for the entire stay during Boom.

I am traveling alone, can I get a different price?

The prices are per Cardboard Tent, not per person.

Terms and Conditions



1.Tents can only be used up to their maximum capacity (2 people);


2. Children should always be supervised by their parents or legal guardians;


3. Sleeping kits include 2 sleeping bags and 1 mattress which will be already placed inside the tent when pre-reserved.


4. Check-ins have to be made by the cardtent ticket buyer or reservation holder;


5. Check-ins will be supported by a staff member who will help in the process;


6. Tents are numbered and reserved before arrival;


7. Cardboard tents may be painted and written on;


8. Cardboard tents and sleeping kits can be taken with after the event; if they are not, they will be collected and recycled, reason for what their use is recommended




9. Cardboard tents may be moved within the festival camping area upon previous notice of the camping staff;


10. There is no check out at Cardboard Village but it is required that tents left behind stay at their location;


11. If tents were moved during the event, they should be brought back at the end. If they haven’t been brought back,  a fee of 30€ will be required.


12. The use of Fire, cooking stoves, candles, or other flammable items is absolutely forbidden inside the tents or anywhere on the campsite. Boomland is an extremely high-risk fire area;


13. Knives and cutting tools and objects are not allowed in the campsite;


14. There is not hot water in the campsite;


15. The Cardboard Village is part of the general camping: it is not a reserved area nor is it an exclusive camping area.


16. The event organisation will not be responsible or liable for losses or theft to any property of anyone staying at the Cardboard Village;


17. In case of event cancellation, General Terms and Conditions of Festival Tickets apply;


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