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Boom 2014 - Liminal Village

Panel: Boom, Fusion, Burning Man
Tales From The Road: The Incredible Adventures Of The Boom By Bike Heros
Love In Practice: Invoking Nurturing, Regenerative Powers and Allies for the Healing of the Earth.
Free Cultura Spaces: Reflections , Dreams, Comments , Ideas, Feelings…
Keeping It Real! Sustainability In Large Scale Events
The Evolutionary Impulse Of Psytrance Music
The Future History Of Psychonautics: Neuroscience and the Limits of Consciousness
Project Nuevo Mundo
Festivals As Rites Of Passage: Towards an Integrated Planetary Community
Reclaiming The Earth: Steps towards a Collective Awakening
How A Festival Became A Community: The Incredible Story Of Thylejren
Christiania: “A Festival 365 Days A Year”

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