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Boom 2014 - Liminal Village

One People, Many Tribes: Recollecting Our Past, Imagining Our Future
Crossing the Gate: How did it all start? Where could it all go?
Talking With the Spirits: Ethnographies From Between the Worlds
What is Geo-Engeneering: Environmetal and Health Effects of Jet Plane Pollution
The Electro-Mineral Portrait
Dressing "Outside The Box", How Music And Art Shape The Way We Behave
The Physics Of Fractal Consciousness
Time To Be Radical: Reflections on Love, Politics and Freedom
When Animus Met Anima: The Deep Dynamics of Falling in Love
Mothering And Nurturing As The Key To Humanity's Future
Opening Pandora's Box: Why the Tech-Dream has Turned Into a Nightmare
The Evolution Revolution: From Hostilities To Harmony

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