Boom Broadcast: Alternative Models

Boom Broadcast: Alternative Models

The ‘Alternative Models’ channel of the Boom Broadcast is dedicated to projects and people who make change happen on a daily basis. Be inspired!

Speaking of the seeds of change: There's that guy who introduces meditation to school kids from the age of 8, showing them how much pleasure and well-being it creates when you're in peace and balance with your inner self. In this way, this new generation might learn an interesting alternative to the world of restlessness, of materialist consumerism and Social Media narcissism we live in today. Another example: In the violence-ridden neighbourhoods of a South American metropolis there's a project that brings Yoga to the kids – a very efficient way to deal with the harsh reality of everyday life and the anger and aggression that come with it.

Become a part of this project yourself: The Boom Broadcast is an open stage for the global psychedelic community. Share your project and your visions, send your video to

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