Boom By Bike FAQ

Boom By Bike FAQ

What is the Boom by Bike initiative?

Boom by Bike started in 2008 with 2 Boomers cycling to the Festival from Belgium. Every year thereafter we have welcomed BoomCyclists from all over the road and now in 2016 we are proud to launch a new Boom By Bike Initiative, our BoomCyclists participation based project.

Boom by Bike is the Festival’s platform to improve the connection and interaction between Human Beings and the Environment. We believe bicycles are a powerful tool to expand the boundaries of human mobility, supporting a transition towards a new understanding of ourselves, the others, Nature and the Universe. Boom 2016 will witness the birth of the Bike Village, a central location to welcome bikes and bikers.


I am planning to cycle all the way to Boom Festival. What should I do to get support?

To enable us to prepare logistically and to welcome all BoomCyclists to Boomland with the best possible conditions, please make sure you send an e-mail to before you leave with a brief description of your journey.  Please note that registration DOES NOT guarantee a free ticket and is for existing ticket holders only. Registration helps us estimate the numbers and needs for Boom Cyclists this year.

I want to cycle to Boom from another European country. What situations should I be aware of?

Most of the European routes are an excellent way to reach Portugal. In Europe you will easily find several sites for support, accommodation, food and water refill points. Bike shops and associations are available in several different cities and towns, but it is important that you have some basic mechanical experience and some longer bike riding experience before you start your trip. Bring a complete tool kit for your bike and use a good road map. A GPS system or a smartphone can be helpful during any difficulties you encounter. Use sun protection and drink lots of water. Good lighting systems are important if you are riding at night.

I am ready to cycle to Boom. How can I plan a good route for my trip?

There are several different ways to plan a bike trip - things as simple as conventional road maps or more complex such as software applications that calculate your route. However, no single tool provides a perfect result. We recommend that you mix different sources and compare the different routes. Your main focus should be to avoid heavy car traffic, bad paved roads and big mountain ranges. Here are a few tools to help you to generate your customized route:

After defining your route, make sure you draw it on a physical map to use as backup. Feel free to contact us at for any specific recommendation, we’ll be more than glad to help you out!


Im flying to Lisbon or Madrid, can I take my bike inside the Boom Bus?

You will be able to fly with your bike if you pack it in a proper compact sized cardboard box, as long as its weight does not exceed 20kg. Generally, you are allowed to take one or two medium sized suitcases or rucksacks, plus one small piece of hand luggage, onto a flight (depending on airline - usually not more than 20kg per item). When you arrive at Lisbon or Madrid you will be able to transport your bike in the luggage hold of the Boom Bus.


I don't want to use my bike at Boom. Where I can safely keep my bike during the Festival?

We understand that after a long journey most BoomCyclists prefer to give their spaceships a rest. We have developed a long term park at the Bike Village, so you can keep your bike safe during the festival. Contact about your needs so we can prepare a comfortable stay for your vehicle.


I want to use a bike to cycle around the festival. What is the perfect bike for Boomland?

All two wheeled ‘spaceships’ powered by good vibrations are welcome!. The paths between all the main sites offer smooth and safe cycling conditions wherever you want to go. Nonetheless, be mindful that some bike specs are more optimal than others: off road bikes, mountain bikes and fat tires are more comfortable, and thus recommended.


Are there any limitations on riding a bike inside the festival?

Bicycles are independent, ecological and free vehicles, so there are no limitations to ride a bike through the main roads of Boom Festival. However, please be conscious and drive carefully to avoid accidents and wrongful behavior that can harm others. Also, and very important: please don't ride your bike inside the perimeter of crowded artistic area (i.e. Dance Temple, Sacred Fire, Central Plaza, etc) - there are several bike parks for each location, so you can cycle all the way there, park your vehicle and walk inside.


Should I lock my bike when I leave it at a park?

Absolutely. Locking your bike is more than recommended. Please ensure that you carry a good quality lock, as the organization is not responsible for any missing bicycle.


How about cycling during the night? Do I need bike torch?

We strongly advise that you attach a small light to your vehicle so others can notice you during night, and even encourage everyone to decorate their bikes with colourful and creative light solutions. However, please avoid strong torches directly facing people’s eyes!


I am a registered Boomcyclist. Can I put my tent in the Boom Bike Village?

Boom Bike Village isn't a camping area, but you will also find bike parks spread through Boomland and lots of other surprises. Boom Bike Village is a area  to support and to inspire Boomcyclists to promote the use of bicycles as an alternative to fossil fueled polluting engines and TO add a whole new dimension and experience to and in Boomland.


I heard about bike repairs at the Bike Village. How much will it cost to fix my bike?

There are no costs to repair and maintain your bicycle. We will be available to tune up and fix your out of balance components using simple and ecological techniques. However, missing or badly damaged parts in need of replacement will need to be purchased.


I would like to buy a bicycle in Portugal. Where can I do so?

We encourage that you respect the environment, so recycling and choosing for a second hand market is recommended. You can find several bicycles ready for a second chance on websites such as OLX and CustoJusto. You are more than welcome to contact us if you need additional or more specific information on how to get a bike.


I don’t need my bike after Boom Festival. What can I do with it?

If you wish you can leave you bike in Bike Village after the festival. Instead of letting your spaceship become trash, we will organize the donation of this bikes to social projects, so if you have an spare bicycle that could use a new purpose, please get in touch with us at this year’s Bike Village - we will be deeply grateful.


I want to donate my bicycle to the Boom. How can I get a Boom Bus ticket to return back?

Return tickets can be purchased online and at your local ambassador. At the festival you will be able to purchase one way tickets to Lisbon Airport, Madrid Airport, as well as Utopia Boom Landing.


I didn't find the answer to my question on this FAQ. What I should do?

We will be more than glad to answer your particular question at Thank you for your interest in Boom by Bike!

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