Celebrating Boom Festival's 20th anniversary: official book and documentary film release

Celebrating Boom Festival's 20th anniversary: official book and documentary film release

The unveiling of the book and documentary film which celebrate Boom Festival's 20 years.

The 20 year anniversary of Boom (1997-2017) has been imminent and a source of creative inspiration. To mark the occasion, and all the while the Boom 2018 production was taking place, we have put together a book and a movie which comprehensively follow Boom’s journey.

Encapsulating the inside story across 356 pages, "Boom Festival 20 years: A Visual and Oral History" features the testimonies of 134 people who have had an impact on the evolution of the festival, and who’s lives that Boom has touched.

A visually stunning repertoire, produced during 2017, it flicks from the year 2016, back to those crazy hazy Goa days and is illustrated by more than 500 photographs, flyer art imagery and old-school graphics.

Pricing for the “Boom Festival 20 years: A Visual and Oral History” book:

Price: 60€
Shipping within Portugal: 60€ + 5,90€ + 23% shipping tax = 67,50€
Shipping within Europe: 60€ + 16,85€ + 23% shipping tax = 81€
Shipping to the rest of the world: 60€ + 26,45€ + 23% shipping tax = 92,60€

The following territories are included in "Shipping to the rest of the world":  Albania, Aland Islands (Finland), Andorra, Belarus, Bosnia Herzegovina, Busingen (Germany), Campione d'Italia (Italy), Ceuta (Spain), Canary Islands (Spain), Faroes Islands (Denmark), Guernsey, Jersey and Channel Islands (Great Britain),  Heligoland Island (Germany), Iceland, Kosovo, Macedonia, Melila (Spain), Mount Athos (Greece), Norway, Russia, San Maria (Italy), Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Vatican (Italy). 

The book is available for purchase HERE

To compliment the launch of the book, the Boom 20 Years documentary film sums up 11 editions of the festival. It is a rarely seen inside story, starting with the context that led to Boom in 1997, it rolls forward to the year 2017 and features interviews with 34  artists, participants and (mostly) Boom team members. The mission involved trawling through no less than 12 terabytes of material.

Sonic candy for the ears, the Boom story is conveyed against a soundtrack of music by maestros Zen Baboon and unreleased sample tracks by several different authors.

The movie will be released HERE on 24th October. Stay tuned!

We are deeply grateful to all, who in some way or other, have contributed, participated and supported Boom, its culture and its lifestyle. May we continue to grow together and learn from each other. May we create a better future, side by side.

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