Guest Country for Boom 2018 - Costa Rica!

Guest Country for Boom 2018 - Costa Rica!

Costa Rica is Guest Country for the 12th edition of Boom Festival!

After Brazil, India, Macedonia, Chile, Mexico, Poland and Japan, we go back to Latin America and grant free entry to a country known for its festival culture, vibrant mix of cultures and influences, and contagious loving vibes!

In Costa Rica, celebration is a way of life, 'Pura Vida'. It is a peaceful country, where every aspect of life is celebrated through art and music, countless fairs, markets and colourful street parties. Apart from being a country that likes its fiesta, Costa Rica is also famous for being one of the most sustainable countries in the world Indeed, over 90% of the country‚Äôs electric energy comes from renewable resources. Costa Rica also gets praise for a highly peaceful nation, one where the army was abolished back in 1949, which allowed for funding to be channeled into education and public healthcare. Despite small party scene they have a great vibe and party-people!

Guest Country Ticket is available ONLY for Costa Rica nationals that are living in Costa Rica! Costa Ricans people are required to show proof of residency in Costa Rica to their Boom Ambassador.

NOTE: Boom is a limited capacity event, free tickets are limited to 500 people.

More information regarding registration to get the free ticket and Costa Rican ambassador contact will be available in November.

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