How Boom Can Be Life-Changing: An Example

How Boom Can Be Life-Changing: An Example

For instance, there's many people out there how are suffering from chronic back pain. There's a good chance you're one of them. For these people, it would be a truly life-changing experience to find a way to get along with their troubles. Or, even better: To get rid of them altogether, to regain physical and mental freedom. Here's one example how Boom can be a life-changing experience. Welcome to the Being Fields.

Tui-Na. Abhyanga. To name just a very very few, are some traditional forms of therapy and healing, about tried and tested ways to recalibrate the balance of your body and your mind, to clear the cache of your consciousness and to expand your horizons. The Being Fields, formerly known as Healing Area, are dedicated to exactly this kind of practice. Imagine you go home from Boom with not only epic party memories, but with a knowledge that can permanently upgrade your everyday quality of life - which again is the basis for you as an active part of society, as a catalysator for change. That's exactly what might happen when you spend some time on the Being Fields. If we want to make change happen, we have to start with the nucleus – with ourselves!

The Being Fields are not only a wonderful source of inspiration for those who are entirely new to this kind of physical and mental practice. Also those who are already familiar with it will find the extensive program highly interesting.

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