Kaleidoscopic Sounds are back

Kaleidoscopic Sounds are back

Before sharing with you the recorded sets from Boom 2018, we're giving continuity to the podcasts series Kaleidoscopic Sounds.

Dear Boomers,

We will soon be sharing with you the recorded sets from Boom 2018! But before that, we're giving continuity to the Kaleidoscopic Sounds, a podcast series initiated back in 2014 and which counts with 6 episodes so far.

So here you have it: from Thailand to Vietnam and from there to Cambodja and further away, we will be exploring Asia's vast psychedelic scene, clearly influenced by the sounds of the West brought over by soldiers and mass media and crossed with local sounds and scenes - resulting in a unique flavour that has conquered the attention of a devoted international scene made of djs, collectors, journalists and very wide open heads in general.

Click HERE to tune into Asian psychedelia and enjoy the ride!



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