Official Sold Out

Official Sold Out

Tickets for Boom Festival 2018 are officially sold out, several months prior to the opening of the event!

Beginning of sales started on the 19th of October, with the online launch of first phase tickets. Following a DDoS attack and the subsequent shutting down of the platform, online ticket sales returned on the 20th of November and were sold out in only 3 hours and 30 minutes.  Ambassador tickets are sold out as well.

Boom Ambassador sales, which started on the 19th of December through 67 Ambassadors across 54 countries and territories around the world, were the last selling phase and are sold out. Most of the Ambassadors sold all tickets in few days only.

The sold out happened without any program announcement, which embodies your trust on Boom and also the fact that our festival is much more than a line up. All artists are extremely important for the whole Boom experience and their contribution is beyond measure. But at Boom, the real VIP’s are all of you Boomers. Thank You.

Friendly price tickets were available only for residents of countries benefiting from Friendly price. If you have any remaining questions or doubts, please do not hesitate in reaching out to

Please respect event limitation and don’t come to Boom if you don’t have a ticket. There will be no tickets at gates.

It is also important to note that it is still possible to acquire Boom Bus tickets - for more information about this, please contact

We wish to thank the whole community for your support and for placing your trust in us at such an early stage of production - we are working hard to meet everyone's expectations and provide you with the most magical week possible!

Nonetheless, we resonate with the frustration of all those who were unable to get their tickets in time. We feel it is important to, once more, stress out the fact that limiting the event capacity is a necessary measure for the good of both Boomers and the Boomland - ensuring the comfort of all participants but also respecting the natural setting of the land which hosts the event.

Sending all our love from Boomland,

Boom Team


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