Boom 2018 Daily Program Release

It is our honour to share with you the daily program for Boom Festival 2018! Take a moment to dive in and explore how days turn into nights and how nights turn into days...... read more

The Art of Living at Boom - A Boomers’ Guide to the Galaxy

'The Art of Living at Boom' contains all the information you need for your stay at Boomland, and more!... read more

Reminder: Boom Bus ticket sales will close on the 2nd of July at 23:59 (Portuguese time).

The Boom Bus service is a charter bus service that brings you directly into the Boomland! There are still tickets available, but sales will close in 5 days, so make sure to prepare in advance and read all the information available.... read more

New video: Fire Prevention & Safety Measures

The Boomland is a high fire risk area! Please watch the video to learn about how you can help prevent fires.... read more

Last phase of returned ticket sales taking place today

Quick reminder that today we'll be having the last phase of the returned Boom Festival and Boom Bus ticket sales. Thank you Boomers!... read more

Last Phase of Returned Ticket Sales

On this Saturday 16th of June 2018 we’ll have the last phase of the Boom Festival and Boom Bus returned ticket sales. Make sure to plan ahead and read the available FAQs!... read more

New video: Get into the Boom State of Mind

When it comes to good advice, a little goes a long way. We've compiled a few tips to make your stay at Boomland more comfortable, safe and fun. ... read more


A new European regulation has been implemented to protect citizens’ data. To keep receiving Boom newsletters, you have to explicitely allow the usage of your data to that end. Please read the full text for further details!... read more


The first phase of returned ticket sales starts today. Please read attentively the information on this newsletter.... read more

New video: Skip on Plastic!

Small gestures make all the difference! Learn how you can leave a positive impact both at Boom and at home.... read more

New Video About Health & Substance Use

At Boom due to the decriminalisation law in Portugal we have official permission to have harm reduction services for substance use.... read more


Some long-awaited good news are finally here! We are launching a ticket refund system for 2018 Boom tickets. Please make sure to go through all the available information carefully!... read more

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