A few words of gratitude to all who contributed to an outstanding edition of Boom! (Translations available for Portuguese and French)... read more


We'd like to express our deepest gratitude to all Boomers who co-created this wonderful edition of Boom... read more

Boom 2018 Diaries - DAY 8

How can we integrate what we’ve learned at Boom into our daily lives? On the day that marks the end of Boom 2018, here are some tips on how to take the Boom spirit home... read more

Boom 2018 Diaries - DAY 7

Energies are in full swing for the final day of program at Boom 2018!... read more

Boom Festival 2018 - Aerial Views

Check out this night time aerial video of Boomland!... read more

Boom 2018 Diaries - DAY 6

The day of the eclipse brought on a whole new level of Boom mysticism. As the end of our cosmic gathering quickly approaches, you could see the Being Fields fuller than ever as Boomers pursued the peace they need for resting, in preparation for the beautiful natural phenomena that energised the night.... read more

Boom 2018 Diaries - DAY 5

It’s not just about pink unicorns: a Boomer sees his premonition come to life; we speak to the Dance Temple divas; and the psy trance tribe go wild to Ethiopian Jazz at the Dance Temple. Wanna know more? Then make yourself a Chai, get comfortable and read about Day Five at Boom in the Daily Diaries!... read more

Alchemy Stage music program update

Please read for updated information on the Alchemy Stage music program for today.... read more

Chill Out Gardens music program update

An update on the adjustments made to the Chill Out Gardens music lineup.... read more

Boom 2018 Diaries - DAY 4

Boomers get holistic before they rock out on day four of the festival and we speak to various Dance Temple artists about their connection to Boom. Read all about it in today’s edition of the Boom Festival Daily Diaries!... read more

Boom 2018 Diaries - DAY 3

It's official - the dragon has been released! On Day 3, every part of the Boomland is buzzing with the plethora of different activities happening. Here's a glimpse of what happened...... read more

Boom 2018 Diaries - DAY 2

The opening ceremony of the Dance Temple is a milestone at every Boom. On Day 2 of Boom 2018, we had that, and much more...... read more

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