Official Sold Out

Tickets for Boom Festival 2018 are officially sold out, several months prior to the opening of the event! In these news you will find a quick recap of ticket sales, plus important information on event limitation and Boom Bus tickets availability.... read more

Update on Utopia Boom Landing

Utopia Boom Landing: is it happening? Many of you have been asking about this, and rightly so! Unfortunately, the ravaging fires that took place during the year or 2017 have severely damaged the lands where Utopia used to take place.... read more

Boom Festival - A celebration beyond the lineup

Music is at the core of Boom, yes. But many other things are part of the multi-dimensional Boom experience - across the Boomland, several areas hold a very specific program which we are carefully arranging for the upcoming edition. Read further to understand why we won't be disclosing the program until just before the festival begins!... read more

Start of Ambassador sales!

A quick reminder that today is the start of Boom Ambassador ticket sales.... read more

Detailed results of the DDoS attack

The DDos attack audit has come to and end and we are finally able to share with you the results of weeks of investigation.... read more

Important Information about Boom Ambassadors

The Ambassador list is now available! Please make sure to take a look at this newsletter and to carefully read all the necessary FAQ's about Ambassador tickets.... read more

Online tickets are SOLD OUT!

Online tickets for Boom Festival 2018 are Sold Out! Ambassador tickets will be available from the 19th of December. Thank you Boomers!... read more

Tickets Are Back: Monday, 20 November 2017 (09H00 - Portugal)

Online ticket sales will be re-launched on Monday 20 November at 9am (Portuguese Time). Ahead of this time, we have laid out some details of the new process for purchasing tickets. Please be sure to read the following information with care and consideration:... read more

The online ticket platform will be relaunched on the 20th of November.

As the cyberattack audit has come to an end, the date for the relaunch of the online platform has been set!... read more

Water Scarcity in Portugal is an issue of the present

The impacts of climate change can be felt as we write these words - in Portugal, some regions are facing severe droughts and measures are being taken to supply the populations with water in places where reservoirs levels are below half of their capacity.... read more

The official Boom Festival 2016 movie is finally here!

Unveil the psychedelic wonders of Boom 2016 as you dive into an interactive movie experience that lets you choose your own path.... read more

Newest Update Post-Cyberattack (3rd of November)

Following the most recent events regarding the online ticket sales and cyberattack, we have taken legal action as to fight against and prevent any future attacks of this nature. More information on ticket will be available next week!... read more

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