Online Ticket Sales Will Temporarily Freeze Until Further Notice

Online Ticket Sales Will Temporarily Freeze Until Further Notice


Dear Boomers,

In light of the recent online ticket launch and the difficulties experienced by everyone trying to get a Boom ticket, we want to give  everyone an explanation of what is going on behind the scenes.

We want to start by thanking each and every one of you who kept a positive spirit throughout the whole process, standing united as fellow Boomers and sharing messages filled with a good sense of humor and understanding.

We absolutely loved your memes!

You truly are a unique crowd and we are deeply grateful for your support and understanding.

We have become aware that a DDoS cyber-attack to the server has been taking place, and we have been struggling to deal with this particular issue. This means that our servers, and consequently our online e-commerce platform, have been flooded by multiple fake requests aimed at exhausting our current response capacity. Unfortunately, this compromised our capability to respond to legitimate users that tried to access our platform services, rendering many services unavailable. This was the main reason why many of all of you Boomers were not able to successfully purchase your Boom ticket. At a certain point our team was handling, on the one hand, the  ticket sales, and on the other hand, a systematic hacker attack with 40 million queries per second. As a safety measure 2914 IPs were blocked from 8.20pm until 02.20am. We have been able to minimize this attack but are still struggling on this front.

In spite of this, amidst these events, some thousands of Boomers effectively purchased their Boom  ticket. We are, of course, very happy that many of you were successful, but we are also aware that some of you tried endlessly to get into the ticket system with no success, a frustration we totally resonate with.

This is not an isolated case. Festivals have been a target for cyber-attacks for a while now and suffered security breaches.

While we do not understand the reason behind these attacks, we do try to approach them in a comprehensive way, and  wonder about the motive that could lead someone or a group to lead an attack on an event such as Boom - a festival which aims to bring people together in celebration. We are even living in challenging times where cyberculture is distorted in its foundations of democratization of knowledge.

More random acts of kindness are the best way of activism.

As part of an emergent culture, we feel it is crucial to understand the core of phenomena such as this one, for as we live in a digital age where human relationships exist increasingly on a digital basis, it is foreseeable that these types of attacks will only keep on happening.

In the meantime, we will freeze the ticket sales, not only to gain some time to resolve all of these issues, but also so everyone can take a break from all the frenzy generated by the frustrated attempts to buy a Boom ticket.

Please note that we are putting all our efforts towards the solving of this situation - and our info line team is doing their best to respond to all the messages and requests sent to our infoline. We are at your disposal for any questions you might have.

We will be in touch as soon as we have a news regarding this matter.  And again, you are all wonderful. Thank you for being Boomers.

With Love and Gratitude,

The Boom Team

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