Dear Boomers,

A new European regulation has been implemented to protect citizens’ data. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be effective from 25 May 2018. This means we will no longer be able to send you newsletters or any other type of notification if you do not explicitly give us permission to do so. You can read more about the GDPR HERE.

We are extremely cautious when it comes to handling personal details of Boomers. We firmly believe in the right to privacy and are aware of the sensitiveness of this topic. We do not disclose data to third parties, nor do we use it for any other purpose than the one originally intended.

Some of the ways in which we receive Boomer personal data details is via subscriptions to our newsletter, online application or feedback forms and via registrations to the Young Dragons and Special Needs areas. All this data is kept in data centres located in Portugal, owned by companies committed to the GDPR.

Please do keep in mind that newsletters are the most efficient way of keeping up to date with everything related to the Boom Festival. They are independent and an effective alternative to corporate social media platforms that mediate the relationship between organisations such as ours and its community. It is our primary communication channel through which we inform Boomers about all sorts of relevant information.

If you're already a subscriber and you wish to keep receiving notifications from Boom Festival, please authorise the usage of your data to that end. You can do so by clicking on the YES, I AUTHORISE button in the newsletter we sent you on the 23rd of May 2018. If you don’t authorise the use of your data, your data will be erased from our database and your subscription canceled.

You can also manage your preferences, subscribe or unsuscribe the Boom newsletter anytime HERE. If you wish to read our Privacy Policy, please go HERE.

With Love and Gratitude,
Boom Team

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