Young Dragons at Boom 2018

Young Dragons at Boom 2018

Dear Boomers

Children and kids are very welcome at Boom, please read the following advice for a smooth Boom with your small ones:

  • There is a pre-registration for children, please make sure that you do it;
  • Tell your children who to approach when you are at Boom, it will make them feel safe and teach them where to go in case you get separated;
  • Check out the festival grounds together with your kids before the actual festival starts. Show them where the Infostand, the Young Dragons Area and other info points with festival staff are. This is where they can ask for help if you get separated;
  • Show your kids some reference points to help them finding your place in the camping. Make sure you and your children know what to do if you lose each other;
  • Be very clear when arranging meeting points with older children. Go there together first, so you know exactly where to meet;
  • Check if your phone provider will have signal in advance. In case of doubt, consider getting another SIM card;
  • Activate vibration alarm on your phone and put it in a place where you can feel it when you are in the music areas;
  • If you got separated from your child, please talk to a staff member immediately. We have procedures, radios and people on the land prepared to help finding the child.
  • Avoid leaving young teenagers alone in the camping during the night. They may seem old enough, but our experience tells us that they might feel unsafe during the night. During previous editions, we had children of 13 and 14 years old who came to the Kids Area to sleep while their parents were at the party;
  • Always hold hands or carry your children when in busy areas;
  • Don’t leave your young children alone in the Young Dragons Area. The team is offering family activities, but not a babysitting service;
  • Invest in walkie talkies, the kids will love them and it is a nice communication tool;
  • Stay together, enjoy the festival as a family, and have lots of fun!

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